Does your dog overheat? La Mia Mascota Pet and Vet Shop

Have you ever gone on a long walk with your best friend and returned home to find him/her overheated and panting heavily? This is dangerous but there is a tool available for you. It is a cooling mat. You freeze it, and when you return home, lay it on the floor for pooch. Pooch will cool down quickly. If your pooch is really overheated, you need to wrap it in cool wet towels and get it to the vet. The cooling pad will not be enough.

While Cuenca generally doesn’t get extremely hot, a long workout for your dog could result in it getting uncomfortably warm. Heat stroke is something you want to avoid.

Some cooling pads offer additional comfort by reducing arthritic pain in your dog. Check out our cooling pads at our local shops.

We also have foot cleaners, ideal for rainy weather! Just stick the muddy foot in this little device and it will gently strip the mud and debris from pooch’s feet. Very easy to use.

Remember we can deliver your products to your home. Just call and let us know what you need. Our English-speaking veterinary, Diego, at Las Americas is also available to help guide you in your purchases. See you soon!

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