Requesting donations to help Alexander

Alexander recently lost his sight from type 1 diabetes. You can imagine the sadness and disappointment that Alexander felt when the doctors determined they could not help him regain his sight. This young man (early twenties) was abandoned by his parents and is now struggling to cope with his blindness.

You can help this young man become self-supportive. Casa de la Diabetes is helping him to find all the resources he needs to live with his loss of sight and to develop the necessary skills to live daily with type 1 diabetes and blindness. Additionally, they are helping to make sure he gets the medicines he needs and the food he needs as he learns to cope with this disability.

Casa de la Diabetes needs your financial support to help achieve this. So far, they have received $100 of the approximately $1000 needed to get him the necessary workshops, supplies, transportation, medicines, etc.

Please donate to the account of Fundacion los Fresnos (This is Casa de la Diabetes.) at Produbanco, Cuenta Corriente 02070009933. More information can be found at

Or, please stop by the Casa de la Diabetes and donate in person.

Thank you for any support you can provide.


City: Cuenca

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