Receipt of IRS forms

I will not be getting a return from the IRS. However, I would like to know when they receive/process my forms. Is there any way to determine this electronically?

Mike L


Hello, I am interested on Pilates classes, Zumba, stretch, cardio. Also
I am in Cuenca for about 3 weeks. Is there someone who knows it? Thank you very much,

Vera Schnapp

How to register rental contract with ‘juzgado’ in Cuenca?

I am told that there is a place to register the home rental contract in Cuenca. This will be needed, with a certificate, for the naturalization (citizenship) process.

Does anyone know the name of this office and the location?


Chichi, the pug

In June of 2020, I sponsored a fund raising effort for Chichi, a local pug rescued from the street who needed surgery. The owner at the time, and now, has returned to the US and asked for assistance in re-homing her. I know, don’t even say it…

She is currently in Guayaquil. However, I can get her back to Cuenca this weekend if there is interest in an adoption. I am unable to take her as I currently have 6-dogs, one of whom is going through cancer treatment.

There is zero cost for this adoption as I will get her back from the coast. Are you or do you know of anyone interested in rescuing her, once again? I really want her to finally find her “forever” home…

Jari Holland Buck

City: Cuenca

Little kitten up for adoption

Beautiful female cat looking for a home where she receives a lot of love. She is 2 and a half months old.

She is very playful and needs affection from a person. I’m giving her up for adoption because I don’t have space.

It is a short-haired kitten and it is not a breed. If you are interested, please write to my WhatsApp 093 902 2010

Andrea: 093 902 2010. Call after: 2 PM.

City: Cuenca

Requesting donations to help Alexander

Alexander recently lost his sight from type 1 diabetes. You can imagine the sadness and disappointment that Alexander felt when the doctors determined they could not help him regain his sight. This young man (early twenties) was abandoned by his parents and is now struggling to cope with his blindness.

You can help this young man become self-supportive. Casa de la Diabetes is helping him to find all the resources he needs to live with his loss of sight and to develop the necessary skills to live daily with type 1 diabetes and blindness. Additionally, they are helping to make sure he gets the medicines he needs and the food he needs as he learns to cope with this disability.


6 on 6 volleyball at Parque El Paraiso starts at 11 AM

You are invited to join an international group of dedicated 6 on 6 volleyball players on Sunday, May 1st from 11 AM to 1 PM. The weekly games will be at Parque El Paraiso where the group began four years ago. The net will be set up on the green space north of the bathrooms and concession stands and west of the lake.

You are welcome to join in or watch. We need at least 10 confirmed players. If you are interested in playing, please confirm with Cherrie at 593 099 220 3001 by Saturday. April 30th at 2 PM so we can get a count. We will update everyone that the game is on or off once we get the reservations.

You can also join us on our Facebook page (Cuenca “Bump-Set- Spike” volleyball) for updates.

Garry: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for 3 bedroom house for rent

Looking for 3 bedroom, unfurnished house for rent in Cuenca, $500 to $600.

Retiree couple from US looking for a small 3 bedroom. 3 bath, very private, detached house. No sharing walls, charming cottage look, not a cookie cutter look. I am an interior designer, like to fix it pretty, so I am looking to stay for a long time. Lots of windows, no furniture; I have lots of US furniture. Covered garage for 2 electric bikes. Must have small green area for gardening front and back, in a very quiet area, little traffic – no heavy traffic or loud music, businesses. Prefer gated community, 3 bedrooms 3 baths. Not far from center of town; maybe some 15 minutes by Taxi. Easy bike trail. We like to rent direct from home owner. Need to see some pictures.

Have references, lived 10 years in Cuenca. Speak Spanish. Please call me after 10 AM or WhatsApp me at 098 159 8147. Email I’d like to move by June or July, no big rush.

Carmen: 098 159 8147. Call after: 10 AM.

Need moving boxes – idiomART

Hi everybody,

idiomART is on the move and we’re starting to pack up the old place and getting ready to start taking loads to the new location.

We need moving boxes please and we’re hoping to find free boxes. We’ll pay if we have to, but as a last ditch resort.

Please contact Sarah HB if you have boxes or leads on where to get some by emailing:

Thank you,

Sarah HB

City: Cuenca

ENglish teacher needed

Teach English at the edge of the Amazon! Unidad Educativa Particular Emanuel, in Macas, Ecuador, 5 hours from Cuenca, is searching for an English as a Foreign Language teacher to join us for the 2022-2023 school year beginning in August. This is a full-time position. Must be willing to teach from the preschool to High School, Starter to B2 levels.

The ideal candidate will have experience teaching English, ability to complete lesson plans and paperwork, effective use of technology and good organizational skills. Should have at least a B2 English level and a B2 certification should be submitted during the first year of hire.

As an Evangelical Christian School, we ask our staff to respect our mission and vision and be willing to teach Biblical values in the classroom. Please see for more information about our school. Please send your resume or questions.

Wendy Gutierrez: .

City: Macas

Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for rent

Looking for 2 bedroom, furnished apartment for rent in Paute, $400, I don’t have pets.

Near center of Gualaceo. Newly renovated, hardwood floors.

Miguel Juela: 099 553 5099. Call after: 6 AM.

Looking for 3 or 4 bedroom apartment for long-term rental

Looking for 3 or 4 bedroom, unfurnished apartment for long-term rental in Guayaquil, $650-$700, I don’t have pets.

Prefer close to public transportation. Would like a balcony. Close to shopping,


Loan offer at 5%

We give out loans to business people and individuals for just 5%
interest rate. “Believe it or not you can get your loans in less than
an hour”. We give out loans ranging from $5,000 up to $500,000,000 We give out local and international loans to any individual/company all over the world and our rate will not change during your loan repayment.

Our personal loans can help make dreams possible especially with the present financial crunch in the world at large. We do not require much documentation. If you are interested in getting a loan, contact us today.

Tesco Finance:

City: Baños de Agua Santa

Paintings by Golbon

Quality, original, signed acrylic landscape paintings at affordable prices. See the online gallery at or visit Haqque Furniture showroom on Gran Columbia between Unidad Nacional and Las Americas. Open until 7 PM.

Golbon: .

City: Cuenca

MacBook Pro 13 for sale

MacBook Pro 13, 256GB, RAM 8, Chip core M1, Fast charge USB C.
Purchased 6 months ago, model year is end of 2020. $1300 firm. Contact Robyn @ 098 643 3105 or Juan @ 099 553 7136. Photos available upon request.

Robyn or Juan: 099 553 7136.

City: Cuenca

Marc’s Consignment

Hello everyone,

The day to honor mothers is coming soon! How can we give extra recognition to moms? Check out our store to find that special gift in advance. We have beautiful items that could be that perfect present to recognize and appreciate mothers’ roles in our lives.

Come and visit us at the corner of Miguel Heredia and Simón Bolivar.

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”

Marc: 096 849 6409.

City: Cuenca

Cuenca Consignments Store is open today

We have some great deals on household goods. Dishes, glasses of all types, nice women’s and men’s clothing and shoes, furniture, beds and bedding and lots of décor and gift ideas.

If you have any nice household items that you don’t need, or are moving and would like to sell, we can help you do that.

We are open Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 11 AM to 5 PM.
For more information, please contact Brenda at 098 459 3005 or message us on Facebook.

See our ad and pics on Facebook at Cuenca Consignments Store.

Everyone is good at something. Let it shine for all to see.

Bard Webb: 098 459 3005.

City: Cuenca

Moringa / Gramm Bulkshop

Gramm Bulkshop want to share some information about Moringa with you:

Moringa also called the “Miracle Tree” and “Tree of Life,” moringa has been heralded as a superfood even more amazing than kale. Research confirms its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and cancer-preventive powers.

The leaves are edible fresh or used as a powder when dried and ground up. They are rich in vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidative phytocompounds like polyphenols and carotenoids.


Crocheted clothing and items

Hello, everyone,
I have a friend in Cuenca who’s been running a business making crocheted clothing. She was taught by her mom and grandma at a young age and her work is meticulous.

If you need something, let me know and I will put you in touch with her.

Her designs range from customized baby and women’s clothing to carpets and home decorations. Anything you need, simply ask and she can make it.

You can either reach out to her, Genesis, at: +593 99 911 0369
or WhatsApp me, Simon, at: +1 954 234 1681

You can also follow her on Instagram @bohocrochetec and see her job.

Simon Coello: +1 954 234 1681.

City: Cuenca

Adjustable height retro barstool (contemporary retro style stool)

Save a space for this sleek looking modern stool at your kitchen island or countertop. This elegantly contemporary styled bar stool, with its adjustable height and ergonomic molded seat, will bring the wow factor to any space you choose, from the kitchen to the recreation room. The sturdy sculpted, straightforward design with the large base and footrest makes this attractive piece a functional work of art, worthy of the spotlight. There is the additional security of a ring underneath to protect your flooring and provide a sense of security that this stool won’t move unless you move it. If you are looking to add some pizazz this gorgeous barstool would be a fashionable accent, a perfect accompaniment for any space.

Contemporary retro style stool

Comfort Molded 360 Degree Swivel Seat, Footrest
Seat Width: 13.5″
Height Adjustable Seat
Seat Adjusts from Counter to Bar Height
Metal Frame Finish
Base Diameter: 16″
Designed for Indoor Use Only

We deliver if you want

JD’s Muebles
21-111 Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional
Otorongo Building
Monday thru Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM
Saturdays from 10 AM to 3 PM
098 706 9136

Klever: 098 706 9136.

City: Cuenca

Dell 20 monitor | P2017H, $60

More productive than ever before.

The Dell 20 Monitor | P2017H brings a whole new level of productivity to the workplace without compromising comfort or convenience.
Specifically designed for comfort and convenience – with a full range of fit features, slim bezels and multiple connectivity ports.
Enhanced viewing experience: Dell’s ComfortView and Flicker-Free features make work less strenuous by viewing vivid images at an ultra-wide viewing angle.

Reliability and Responsibility: Get complete peace of mind with a premium panel guarantee, advanced exchange service, and an eco-friendly design.

Price $60

JD’s Muebles
21-111 Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional
Otorongo Building
Monday thru Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM
Saturdays from 10 AM to 3 PM

Klever: 098 706 9136.

City: Cuenca

Magnificent gourmet cookies at Debbie´s Place

Hello all.

I am Caty Frenkel, owner of The Cookie Concept. Some of you already know my cookies. I want to tell you that now I have my delicious cookies at Debbie´s Place (at the back of Sunrise Cafe).

You will find bags with a mix of these cookies: pure chocolate, oatmeal/chocolate/peanut, and peanut butter. And bags with a mix of these crackers: sesame, mozarella/parmesan cheese, and rosemary.

Going to Debbie´s Place is a must to try these exquisite cookies, have a look at the crafts, enjoy something to eat at the cafe, and have a great time with your friends.

For more information about my cookies go to
You can also contact me at 099 252 0103

Caty Frenkel.

City: Cuenca

Budgies (pair) and cockatiel for sale

Budgies (pair), cage and accessories for sale $30. They are about 3-years old.

Male cockatiel, cage and accessories for sale $40. He is about 5-years old, he is partially, he will sit on your shoulder but with time and patience, he would be a lot more friendly.

Photos upon request by email.

Deborah Millard: .

City: Cuenca

House plants for sale

House plants for sale – Azalea (currently flowering with three different colors), lucky bamboo, peace lily, Chinese evergreen, palm, spider plant, jade, schefflera, bonsais, jacaranda, poinsettia and several more.

Prices $5 – $25. Email for photos.

Deborah Millard:

City: Cuenca


We know how difficult it is to arrive to country with a different language.

Let me give you good news:

We are a team of builders with 10 years of experience and we can help in:

The repair, design and construction of various areas of your home, we take care of cleaning your home, repairing any area of your home. And, if you have any design plan, we help you materialize your project.

Contact Us:

WhatsApp 096 319 7683


facebook|Meta MASTERDIM


Super bonus: JP Chenet French Wines – 30% off – one day only

Buy any Product in King Smoke House or Cuenca Shop and get
30% off any JP Chenet French Wines:
Chardonnay or
Cabernet-Syrah {Rich and Smooth}

(Yes, below cost)

One day only
PVP: $12.37
Sale price (with purchase of other item) $8.65

Remember is only this price is only available for 1 day.

CuencaShop (King’sSmokehouse) 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque San Sebastian, Cuenca

098 402 6399

Café Del Río

Do you want to have a good weekend? Café Del Río, invites you away from the noise and pollution, with a good atmosphere, two minutes from Cuenca tennis and golf club through the Yanuncay tourist biocorridor, you can enjoy a delicious coffee, hot chocolate with humitas, tamales, meat empanadas and cheese, desserts such as carrot cake, fig cake, cheese cake or a coffee with bread and cream, a Blackberry shake, strawberry shake, juices, beers, we are open Friday from 3pm to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Contact us by phone or directly to WhatsApp for deliveries or reservations, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and google maps as Café Del Río. Note: we provide transportation service.

Two minutes from Cuenca tennis club up to biocorredor Yanuncay on the right hand you will see the sign.

Angel Panchez
593 98 589 9643

Restoration of furniture, carpentry, upholstery

Hello, my name is Carolina Lucena. I am an interior designer. I can help you restore your furniture, upholster it, make the furniture you need according to your taste and needs.
I have my workshop and showroom.
We speak English.

Cuenca, Avenida Ordoñez Lasso.

Carolina Lucena
098 781 8622

Driver facilitator tour guide

Looking for an experienced and reliable English speaking driver?

With more than 20 years as a professional driver touring Ecuador and with 13 years of experience as a national tour guide knowing the beautiful places in Ecuador.

My name is Angel Panchez and I continue to offer my transportation services, tour guide and facilitator, trips to the airports of Quito, Guayaquil, the entire Spondylus route, tours to Gualaceo, Chordeleg, Sigsig, San Bartolomé, Giron el Chorro, Valle de Yunguilla, Ingapirca and more beautiful places.

– baños de Ambato
– Puyo
– Misahualli
– Tena
– Puerto Lopez
– Manta
– Olon

I also help with shopping, Supermaxi, appliances, furniture, medical appointments, opening bank accounts, electrical installations, carpentry and more.

You can contact me at my email, cell phone directly or my WhatsApp in the following information.

El Oro – Galapagos Cuenca

Angel Panchez
593 98 589 9643

Professional carpet cleaning and handyman

Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning. We are happy to talk with you about your situation and tell you just how we can help you get your carpet back to top shape. What’s more, we are so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s right: You love the result, or we make it right with you.

Our services are:

Carpet cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Car interiors


Handyman services
General construction

Gonzales Suarez

Freddy Delgado
093 937 9979

Shipping from USA

We offer shipping services from the USA to Ecuador at $10/pound.
Electronics and certain items at different prices. We can ship inside Ecuador to any city through Servientrega if necessary.

Quito/ Guayaquil Area

Belen Leon
098 446 4402

You Win! Spring cleaning at CosasPrep

We need to clear some of our old products to make room for new ones.

Even if you have been to our store (just 5 blocks West of Parque Calderon) before, look at some of our “forgotten” products at these new prices.


*if you already have a Brita pitcher, we are clearing out our stock of Brita filters at 50% off.
*our cost on fire extinguisher balls was $9.63 each. They are on sale for $6 each or 2 for $10
*EMF meters: Amazon price: $186. Alibaba price: $167.90. Our price: $149
*Dryer Static Sheets (natural) Was $15.90 – now $7.95
*All small nightlights (cheap no-brainer power backup lights) 50% off.
*Digital Forehead Thermometers: Was $39. Now $10
*UV-C Lamps with Ozone to kill mold & viruses: Was $135 – Now $67.50

And don’t forget about our current big sale on Power Banks for phone backup!
We accept credit cards, cash, PayPal, XRP, XLM and Yapa Tree discounts

Mold killing information:

Simon Bolivar 13-49 y Estevez de Toral

Kent Mills

Luvimar will be closed on Saturday and Monday

Hello everybody. Hope you’re doing fantastic.
Saturday, April 30, and Monday, May 2nd, Luvimar Gourmet Market will be closed.
I’ll be back on regular working hours, Tuesday May 3rd.

You’ll find many quality products in my specialty store (Made locally and imported). Like aged cheese, export quality seafood, wines, chocolates, crackers, nuts, meats, Asian cooking products, Mexican style products, jarred goods, and so much more.
You can check my catalog style website for a list of products and prices.

Friendly bilingual service (English and Spanish). – Delivery available. – I accept cash, credit cards, bank transfer, and payments through the PayPhone App.

For purchases Over $25, that require delivery service, I cover the delivery cost, up to $2.

Have a great day.

Luis Moreno Mora #5-85, Between Nicanor Aguilar & Roberto Crespo Toral (2 houses from Cosecha Cafe y Vino. Yellow house with big yellow garage door and big blue sign)

Luis from Luvimar
096 895 7920
Website: / Facebook & Instagram:

Rob’s Reflexology – May special

Certified 20-year experienced reflexologist specializing in stress reduction, relaxation and natural health remedy.

Single session: $35 (60 minutes)

Special offer: $100 for 4 session package (60 minutes). Save $40 and get optimum results.

Reflexology may help…

Reduce stress
Encourage relaxation
Improve circulation
Restore sleep patterns
Improve immune systems
Boost energy levels
Calm digestive problems
Ease muscular tensions
Back/neck/shoulder pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Repetitive stress injuries
Restless leg syndrome
Stimulate nerve function
Reduce migraines
Lymph drainage

Conditions such as allergies, hormonal imbalance, arthritis, high BP, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, oedema, eczema, psoriasis, sinus problems.

*Voted best of Ecuador 2019, 2020, 2021

Edificio Geranios- Los Pensamiento y Los Geranios near Parque El Vergel

Rob Lumpkin
096 975 7287
WhatsApp 096 975 7287

All transport. Taxi driver / delivery man \ all sources

Dear Expat members. My name is Israel. Cuenca citizen, born in the country and fluent English speaker. Although sometimes people want a quiet ride…

I offer my services as a taxi driver since I know almost all my country. Loja, Guayaquil, Quito, Esmeraldas, Salinas, Macas, Puyo, Sucua, Zamora, etc. And, I definitely know every square mile of Cuenca and the outskirts.

If you want someone for example that knows the best places for food without having to over pay. I’m the guy you call. If you want to buy stuff without overpaying. I’m the guy. If you need to get to places so you can acquire legal papers. I am the guy.
Honest Fare.



095 870 9412

T & B Almacén Eléctrico

I have moved and was waiting for appliances to be installed, but needed the help of an electrician. Franco Torres of T & B came at short notice and handled the necessary changes to the outlets. He was prompt and did an excellent job at a reasonable rate. He kept me on schedule with the installation.

Las Americas cerca Av. Mexica

099 998 8478

Creación Muebles

Creación Muebles y Complementos, is pleased to invite its customers to visit. Come and see our fantastic models or have us make the wood furniture of your dreams. Give elegance and distinction to your home. Get the best furniture made by Cuencano craftsmen.

Please call us first to get an appointment.
Facebook Creacion Muebles y Complementos.

Celina Acha de Vega 1-31, Urbanización Río Sol 1

098 449 7168 / 099 682 3249

Expats Catholic Community of Cuenca, EC

Cuenca English Mass group is now Expats Catholic Community in Cuenca, EC.
We enjoyed 5 months of Sundays English masses at San Francisco Catholic Church presided over by Fr. Kevin Codd, a retired priest from Spokane, WA. His last mass was last Sunday’s Devine Mercy as he returned back to the US. We would like to thank Fr. Jorge Moreno for allowing us to participate on Sunday masses in English.

We will be going back to a Bilingual Mass with Fr Jorge Moreno starting this Sunday, May 1st, 2022 at 11 AM where there will be 3 Expats doing the 1st, 2nd Reading and Gospel in English after the Spanish readings.

We welcome everyone, Expats and Ecuadorians on this bilingual liturgy.
God bless.

Parroquia San Francisco Presidente Cordova y Padre Aguirre

Don Camero Foronda

WhatsApp +1 713 594 2171 or 099 311 9340

Experienced and personalized nursing care

Experienced and personalized nursing care in the comfort of your home.

I offer the following professional nursing care:

Application of injections
IV Serum applications
A variety of topical treatments for skin conditions
Suture extractions
Doctor prescribed nebulizations for respiratory care
Monitoring vital signs

In addition, I care for the elderly for hours or days at home, in hospitals or clinics, all with personalized and professional attention.

If needed, I can help with cooking and light cleaning.

I have cared for ex-pats in the past and also very recently.
I can present my professional credentials upon request.

Please leave me a text message.
Thank you.


Carmen Morocho

096 968 3957
WhatsApp Text

Recommendation for Handyman Juan Bermeo, repairs

Juan did a number of repairs including installing accessories in the bathrooms and noting several repairs that needed to be completed in my new apartment. He is very pleasant to work with and was thorough and neat. I recommend Juan highly.

Address: n/a

Contact information: 098 582 1138

Recommended by Cynthia Mills:

Recommendation for Philip-Filip Vintemilla, Spanish lessons 

I need Spanish lessons. I have books, and printouts, but it is important to be with people who are learning along with me. Yesterday’s beginner lessons were important. I can see that I had some wrong interpretations of certain words. For example, I volunteered that I grow broccoli plants. I was corrected to say in Spanish that I cultivate. 

Address: Plaza Otorongo, Flora Cafe 

Contact information: +593 95 925 8782 

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Ex Pat Services, personal driver/guide/facilitator

Fun! If the personal experience is as important to you as the service provided, let me strongly recommend Ex Pat Services of Cuenca. For the friendliest, most engaging, bi-lingual, fun-filled and value-packed experience, contact Lourdes at Ex Pat Services.
Whether it be guided walks in Cajas Park, an informative trip to Ingapirca, or a day spent exploring the local communities, you cannot find a more pleasant venture. Ex Pat Services also facilitates apartment hunters, medical appointments, shopping assistance and more in Cuenca.

Relax and regain any lost smiles. Let the trusted people of ExPat Services ‘help you to settle in’…

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 097 990 8490

Recommended by Jerry Straka: 098 280 5965

Recommendation for Martha Cecilia Mocha, housekeeper

A good housekeeper is someone who is always on time, works methodically and efficiently, is pleasant, honest and takes pride in a job well done.

My housekeeper, Martha, has been cleaning my home, weekly, for 3.5 years and has an opening for clients. She understands basic English.

You will love your clean house again.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 023 9685

Recommended by Marcia Adatto:

Live music with Luis Ullauri at the Otorongo Lounge

As every Friday, Luis Ullauri will be performing the best of his repertoire at the Otorongo Longe this April the 29th at 8 PM. Cover: a voluntary contribution.

April 29th, from 8 PM to 10 PM, no cover charge, Plaza el Otorongo, Av. 3 de Novimembre, Cuenca.

Luis Ullauri: 099 998 7932

Pork or Prawn Siningang (Tamarind based sour soup) special

Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savory taste. It is most often associated with tamarind, although it can use other sour fruits and leaves as the souring agent. It is one of the more popular dishes in Filipino cuisine.

Hot and sour soup!

Pork Sinigang $8
Langostino Sinigang $10
Mixed Pork and Prawns $12
a quart of soup served with a pint of brown or white rice

Asian Dinner Full Menu

Meals enough for 2 servings, served with white or brown rice with veggies

Kung Pao Chicken or Shrimp or Tofu *Vegetarian $9
General Tso’s Chicken $9
Our Famous Asian Orange Chicken $9

Filipino Feast $12
2 Chicken Skewers
4 Veggie Egg Rolls
Pancit (rice noodles and veggies with savory sauce)
Serves 2 to
Thursday delivery Noon to 5 PM, April 28, 2022, Jazz Society Cafe, Los Cedros y Los Claveles ( one block North of Ordonez Lasso)

Debby and James Dahili: 096 322 3377

This week specials at Kolo

Hola queridos amigos, hope all is going well on your lives, we would like to let you know about this week Specials:

Breakfast: Eggs sandwich with bacon or sausage on homemade sourdough, served with fruit or potatoes and coffee or tea or fresh juice for $6.
Lunch: Baja fish tacos, served with Aioli sauce in corn tortillas, iced tea, lemonade or fresh juice for $7.

Hope you can come soon; lucky us if that happens! Please share, always help.

April 28th from 8 AM to 3 PM, Luis Cordero 5-65 and Honorato Vazquez

Frank: 099 297 5788

Namaste Indian Restaurant – weekend special

Hello Friends, We invite you to have our special dinner on Friday, April 29th. Enjoy different and authentic south Indian flavors.

Weekend Special -$7.99
* Chettinad chicken curry
* Garlic Rice
* Chappathi
* Natural Juice

Time: 5 PM to 11 PM
Please make a reservation in advance. Thank you.

April 29th, Cale large y Bengino Malo 8-81

Deneesh Zakharia: 098 415 4229

Sourdough pizzas in a wood-fired oven

Pizzería between fire and wood

Invites you to enjoy our delicious and original pizza

Choosing a sourdough pizza will bring you many benefits it is also much more pleasant for you digestive system.

Come and meet our pizza without yeast
Pizza classic
Pizza pomodoro
Pizza fugazza
Black pizza

Salad capresse
Green salad

I invite you to savor the delicious breakfast, traditional coffee, cappuccino, expresso, milkshake, cake and natural juices

Free tasting

Office hours Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 9 PM
Sunday 8 AM to 5 PM

Address Juan Jaramillo 5-10 Mariano, Cueva
Next to the international bakery.

Orders call 099 222 5344

We happily deliver your favorite pizza to your home.

City, Cuenca

Jazz at La Guarida

La Guarida welcomes back

Esteban Encalada Jazz Quartet
in an exclusive dinner-concert

Thursday, April 28th at 7:30 PM
Doors open at 6 PM
Reservations with dinner are required
Tel. 099 806 8071

Jazz comes back to La Guarida and we cannot be happier to host Esteban Encalada and his Jazz Quartet. Certainly, La Guarida has become a cathedral for many musicians due to its wonderful acoustics and intimate interaction between audience and artists. This concert is perfect for a great dinner and a great bottle of wine. We have them both.

Admission: $5. The full amount of this fee goes directly to the musicians.

We are located at Mariscal La Mar and Luis Pauta.

April 28th, from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, $5, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071

Gran Feria Sabatino’s on Saturday, May 7

The next Gran Feria Sabatino’s falls during Mother’s Day weekend, and our vendors are looking forward to a great day.

Alafi Artisan Cheeses
Apicultura de Jardín Bee Products and Balms
Artesana Breads by Rosemary
Blue Biker Blueberries
Capadocia Fermented Products
Double D’s Delights
Fery’s Mermelada de Pimienta
Gratzi Chocolate Fino
Huertos Jesmer Encurtidos
Magy Peña Art
Moni’s Accessories
Martina Bakery
Pat’s Ecuadorian T-shirts
Pei’s Pot Stickers and Dumplings
Pig and Cow Smoked and Cured Meats
Tierras del Sur Café de Altura Lojano
Veríssima Salsas Italianas

Masks are still required, and we appreciate your cooperation and compassion for others by adhering to this expectation.

Stay tuned for an announcement of breakfast and brunch specials.

Mauricio and Dawn

Saturday, May 7, 10 AM – 2 PM, Entrance is free, Roberto Aguilar y 3 de Noviembre (one block west of Plaza Otorongo), Cuenca.

Concierto: Sinfonica de Cuenca y Nicolas Krauze

If you are passionate about classical music, do not miss the concert of the Cuenca Sinfonic orchestra this next Friday, April 29, at 8 PM at the theater Pumapungo.
The Orchestra will be led by Nicolas Krauze, a famous French conductor. Nicolas Krauze is the first guest conductor of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine in Kiev. He is also the musical director of the New Europe Chamber Orchestra. He graduated from the Gnessin Institute and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow with five first prizes.

This free event is a unique opportunity for all classical music lovers.

Inviting also the soloist violinist from Cuenca Santy Abril, this concert will transport you in a unique place where you will be able to live a magic and precious moment, between you, the 48 musicians of the symphony orchestra, our two guests of reputation: Nicolas Krauze and Santy Abril.

April, 29th at 8 PM, free, Teatro Pumapungo, Cuenca.

Oceane Wauters

First Tuesday Walk to Turi (Mega Parque Icto Cruz)

It’s nearly that time again, next Tuesday May, 3rd will be the first Tuesday of May and we will meet at Tres Puentes at 9 AM and walk up to Mega Parque Icto Cruz above Turi and then down through Turi and back. Reservations so that we know to wait for you.

Tuesday May 3rd, Free, Tres Puentes, Cuenca.

Paul Kaperick:

Got cheese?

Well, we do. La Mia Goat Cheese will be at Cuenca Consignments Thursday and Friday from 11-2. We have a good supply of great goat yogurt. We often times run out so let me know if you want me to save you one. We will have all of our cheeses. Mature Cheese like Triple Cream and Roquefort as well as our creamy Cheeses. There will be Dill Pickles, Sauerkraut, and of course Feta. Please stop by to see our display and try some free samples.

Thursday and Friday 4-28 and 4-29 11-2, Isabela and 12 de Abril Isabela 4-75

Craig Carothers: 099 128 0415

A priest, a bull, and a treasure

Join us for “Ruta de las Posadas”, a walking that tells the story of the traditional San Sebastian neighborhood in Cuenca’s downtown. Come and learn about different events that included civil battles, tragic love stories, bullfights and the birthplace of amazing sculptors and artists.

The guided route starts with a priest (actor) guide, who tells you about life in these times. There will be musical pieces like pasillos and albazos, also treats will be enjoyed while immersing yourself in a legend that had its origin during the colonial era.

By being a part of this tour you will be supporting local young talent and contributing to this cultural event.

For additional info and to make reservations visit our Facebook page @ProvocandoExperiencias; also, for updates and new tours.

Reservations are required in order for you to receive your headphones.

The Provocando Experiencias team will be pleased to welcome you.

April 30th, from 5:30 PM to 7 PM, In front of San Sebastian Church.

Steeven Bermeo: 096 395 7427

Homemade pies are a delicious treat – from Carlos at Vivaldi Pies

Order your fresh, homemade pies. What a delicious treat. And here are the details:

All pies are made by hand and are custom baked to your order. All ingredients are fresh and natural. Pies are 9 inches across and 2 inches deep, giving you 8 very large portions in every pie.

Apple Pie – $12
Strawberry Pie – $12

Chicken and Mushroom Pie – $20
Chicken Pot Pie (with peas and carrots) – $20

(Coming soon: lamb pot pie)

Please place your order in advance.

Follow me on Instagram: vivaldi.icecream.cuenca

Pick up your order for no charge. Delivery available for $1.50 – $3, depending on your location.

Available 7 days a week, Across Cuenca

Carlos Paez: 096 254 6303

Asking for help

A friend is leaving Ecuador and wants to transfer his CD Bank from the JEP Cooperative to receive his money in the United States. If there is anyone interested or know someone that could be interested please contact us.


Numbers: 098 420 5336
410 3588
410 3790

Lina Ulloa: .

City: Cuenca

#International Jazz Day, Saturday, April 30th

Saturday, April 30th is #International Jazz Day worldwide. Jazz events from almost every nation on earth will be live-streamed on Saturday. Herbie Hancock has asked Jim Gala, founder of The Jazz Society of Ecuador to represent #International Jazz Day in Ecuador for the 10th straight year.

Join us in celebrating #International Jazz Day on Saturday, April 30th at the Jazz Society Café where the Jim Gala Trio with Mariangel Mundaray plus special guest artists will be performing starting at 7 PM. Please support jazz, “America’s original art form” in Cuenca. We hope to see you there —Debby Degamo, Manager

Jazz Society Café
Los Cedros y Los Claveles (corner bldg.)