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Do you color your hair? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to experiment with an exciting new shade and amp up your overall look. If the answer is no, it’s about time you jumped on the hair dye bandwagon to surprise your girlfriends with a brand-new do. We’re not talking about using peroxide to bleach your locks—we mean using a good quality hair dye to enhance or alter your ordinary tresses.

Men are not as conscious with the way they look as women are. But, just like women, many men know the importance of being well-groomed all the time especially those of you who want to make a good impression on other people. Part of being well-groomed, in the case of men, includes getting haircuts on a regular basis, shaving with all the steps you need. You may be wondering why this is necessary.

Yes, getting regular haircuts will lead to healthier hair for men and women. Healthier hair is one that is not just simply thick. It also means one which is manageable. When you get regular trims and your hair becomes healthier than usual, you will notice the lesser need to style it every morning. This means that you get to spend more time blowing your hair, grooming your beard or doing some other things to prepare you for a day’s work.

So we can accomplish your need in just one place, by just making an appointment. Please call us in advance for your convenience through WhatsApp iMessage text messages messenger. We take Walk-ins but appointments are appreciated so we know that you are coming and that way we will prepare the spot for you, also we want to make sure to understand you clearly because some of our staff do not speak English; but please do not hesitate to call us.

Our C&C’s prices

1) Men’s hair cut includes shampooing $6
2) Classic Shaving with hot towel, hot steamer, facial massage exfoliating plus Aloe Vera Gel $6
3) Beard Outlining plus hair cut $8. Complete Shaving plus haircut $10
4) Male Manicure Pedicure $12
5) Women’s haircut includes shampooing conditioning $10
6) Men’s Package = Manicure+Pedicure+Haircut +Head Massage while you getting a Shampooing + shaving with hot towel + hot steamer + Express facial cleanse + finishing with aloe Vera Gel $22
7) Female Manicure Pedicure $12
8) Manicure $5
9) Pedicure $9
10) One hour full body massage $25
11) Express Facial cleanse $15
12) Gel nail polish painted plus a regular manicure $10
13) Eyebrows+Upper lip waxing $6
14) Color, cut, Style, $35 and up
15) Foiled Highlights or baby lights $60 and up
18) blow dry and flat ironing $5 $7 $8 $10 it all depends how long your hair is.

Ordóñez Lasso y los Claveles next location from Banco del Pichincha Riverside Building.

Clemencia Vizhnay
098 814 8902

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