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I remember when I first came to Ecuador and knew also no Spanish.

I came by myself (from Canada) and often found myself in situations where I was surrounded by people but felt so alone.

Disconnected to my environment.

If I didn’t have other English speakers around me, I couldn’t say much or relate to anyone.

It’s that feeling of isolation while standing in a crowd.






But most of all, I felt lonely.

Lonely and very limited in what I could do or where I could go.

And I even had my fair share of “close calls” due to not fully understanding what was being said to me.

One time I boarded a city bus in Guayaquil. I can’t remember where I was headed – probably to the consulate or some immigration building.

I was told when to get off but apparently misunderstood and missed the stop.

I didn’t realize it until about 30 minutes later (looong route through the city!) and didn’t work up the courage to ask the lady in front of me if I had indeed missed the stop, until about 45 minutes into it.

She was shocked at how far I had gone in the wrong direction and probably concerned for my safety (as was I at this point).

The extremely generous lady told me to get off at the next stop and she got off with me.

She walked me across the street and put me on the next bus back the way I had just come from.

Told the bus driver where to take me.

I’ll never forget that lady. My savior.

Who knows what would’ve happened or where I would’ve ended up if I hadn’t been sent an angel that day.

But that’s the thing, you can’t rely on an angel to show up and rescue you.

While Latin Americans can be very generous and kind, of course there is evil everywhere and you have to be able to defend yourself or ask for directions if needed.

I didn’t take such bus rides for a long time after that day.

But now that I’ve been fluent for years, I have taken the risk and haven’t had any issues.

Sometimes the routes aren’t very clear, but as long as you can ask people for directions along the way and understand what they say, you figure it out.

And the harsh reality is that I had taken an “immersion” course before this incident.

The course consisted of 6 hours of Spanish class, 5 days a week, for a month + living with a family that only spoke Spanish.

Yet I was still unable to understand basic directions and hold everyday conversations.

This is when I began to lose faith in most traditional teaching methods and started to do things differently.

I later became fluent and have now created a unique, online program designed specifically to help you develop the ability & confidence needed to converse in Spanish with ease.

At Spanish To Fluency, we know that fluency is about flow, not vocabulary or grammar.

This is why real conversations with native speakers about practical, day to day topics is the core of our 12-week boot camp program.

We combine this regular conversation practice (guaranteed to increase your confidenceand fluidity) with personalized feedback and coaching, to help you find the tools and learning routine that is best for your unique learning style and goals.

And we even show you how to harness the natural learning processes of your subconscious mind, so you can train your brain to think in Spanish and speak instinctively.

We have new spots opening up to join our program starting May, 2022. Both individual and small group (2-4 ppl) options available.

Schedules are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your availability.

The prices vary according to factors such as the time commitment chosen, 1on1 vs. small groups, etc., which is why it’s best to schedule a free strategy session so we can discuss things further and provide you with more details: https://go.oncehub.com/NadinedePanta

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Canoa, Ecuador



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