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Disabled toddler walker

Very good day to everybody,

Does anyone know where I can buy/order/custom make a walker for a disabled 3-year old? Something like this photo? Danna’s been diagnosed with a very rare condition. Actually we’re still trying to get the proper diagnosis, but she can’t walk and needs this walker to start giving her legs some strength.

She needs 3x/week physical therapy and daily speech therapy, which is very expensive for the family. Any volunteers?

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City: Cuenca
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Wanted: broken clothes dryer

Looking for broken propane clothes dryers for burner parts. Will pick up and take away your junk.


Hello, My name is Cristina Guaman, and I am a certified nurse here in Cuenca. I studied

Floor lamp

Does anyone have or can you tell me where to get a standing floor lamp with 3

Rotary push mower

Where is the best place in Cuenca to buy a rotary mower and electric oil heater? Chuck: