Recommendation for Cesar Mejia (of T-Rex Burgers), chef extraordinaire

Everyone knows Cesar’s burgers are great but his lasagna remains a secret. Cesar makes his pasta himself. His beef and sausage lasagnas are wonderful and his veggie lasagna is as beautiful as it is delicious with roasted red peppers, eggplant cooked with red wine, spinach and ricotta and boiled egg slices. The lasagna is available by special order for delivery. I order six (huge) pieces at a whack so it’s always available in the freezer – quick, easy and scrumptious. The photo shows a slice that’s a little less than half of a piece. Cesar is fluent in English and a pleasure to work with.

Address: Calle Larga 8-63

Contact information: 096 272 0330

Recommended by Taylor Brooke:

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