Best Massage Therapist
Cameron Kayce, M.Ed, LMT, massage therapist taking new clients!
099 987 4417

Angel / Investment team wanted to help change how humans live

If you admire Buckminster Fuller (domes) or Jacques Cousteau (diving) you will want to see this building system project.

This is a local garage start-up, (think Apple computer). Now completing a 35-year research project of a building system with the first dwelling/housing design prototypes now completing. We seek smart and experienced people that can vision and manifest.

Michael: 099 800 1002. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca
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Wanted: broken clothes dryer

Looking for broken propane clothes dryers for burner parts. Will pick up and take away your junk.

Floor lamp

Does anyone have or can you tell me where to get a standing floor lamp with 3

Rotary push mower

Where is the best place in Cuenca to buy a rotary mower and electric oil heater? Chuck:

Peptide injections

Does anyone know of doctors/clinics that give peptide injections? Thanks in advance, Sue: . City: Cuenca

Job opportunity

Job opportunity for counter server at Mathew Bagel Deli. Full or part time. Some Spanish and English