Update on Alexander, please donate as you are able

The doctors at Exilaser were unable to reverse Alexander’s loss of sight from his type 2 diabetes. They were able to help with the head pain. You can imagine the sadness and disappointment that Alexander is feeling.

Casa de la Diabetes is there to help him. They will help him to find all the resources he needs to live with his loss of sight, to develop the necessary skills and will help provide the accommodations that he will need. They are helping to make sure he will get the medicines he needs and the food he needs as he learns to cope with this disability.
Casa de la Diabetes in turn needs your financial support to help achieve this,

Please donate to the account of Fundacion los Fresnos (This is Casa de la Diabetes.) at Produbanco, Cuenta Corriente 02070009933. More information can be found at http://www.casadelosdiabetes.com .

Thank you for any support you can provide. I am humbled by what we have and can accomplish as a community.


City: Cuenca

Seeking bilingual tour guide/driver north of Quito

Do you have a recommendation for a Bilingual driver/guide that you have used for exploring north of Quito? Could you please share the details here?

Thanks in advance,

Avalon: .

City: Cuenca

Angel / Investment team wanted to help change how humans live

If you admire Buckminster Fuller (domes) or Jacques Cousteau (diving) you will want to see this building system project.

This is a local garage start-up, (think Apple computer). Now completing a 35-year research project of a building system with the first dwelling/housing design prototypes now completing. We seek smart and experienced people that can vision and manifest.

Michael: me479@yandex.com 099 800 1002. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for rent

Looking for 2 bedroom, furnished apartment for rent in Cuenca, $300-$350, Must allow pets.

Senior Canadian gringa looking for a small furnished quiet apartment for myself and my senior cat who is not destructive. No stairs, large windows, utilities included, within walking distance of tranvia, for long term. I do not want to be too far out. I am very clean and a non-smoker and very quiet. Thank you.

Karen: kozybear@gmail.com

Recommendation for massage therapist

I am a gay man visiting from Iowa. Could someone recommend a male massage therapist?

Mike Triggs: mtrigsey@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Miscellaneous items for sale

Rectangle computer desk (6 drawers) $120
Factory unlocked iPhone 7 in mint condition $180
Alexa echo dot 3rd generation $45
Black & Decker hammer drill $40
Sony DVD player $25

Shirley: lewisshirley695@aol.com .

City: Cuenca

Bose computer speakers

Bose Companion 2 series II multimedia speaker system for sale. Great for use with laptop, PC, etc. Great condition. Asking $120. Will send pic upon request.

Robyn: 098 643 3105.

City: Cuenca

All are welcome ~ come as you are

You are invited to join us this Sunday as we take a look in the Bible to see what God has for us and how we can apply it to our lives. We have room for you and your family. Your children will love our children’s program.

We are a diverse church with people from many different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. We come together to explore the true meaning of God’s word and how to apply it to our lives; build strong relationships; serve each other and serve our community. We desire to be a true expression of the love of Jesus.


Glamping spheres, Bucky Fuller goes camping

The ultimate micro cabin, guest cottage, mother in-law or man cave. Modular and mobile, they don’t require a permit. Prices start at $3,500 for 8-footer, sleeps two. 11-footer, shown, sleeps 2 couples, dinner for up to 8.

Number 1 and 2 are sold heading to Yunguilla Valley. Number 3 could be yours.

Limited showing this weekend, call for appointment and directions

Michael: me479@yandex.com 099 800 1002.

City: Cuenca

Two bikes for sale

I am selling my two 27.5 rim bicycles, they are tall and large bicycles, both for $320, please write me to send you photos by email. They are in excellent condition, disc brakes, very nice.

Bladimar: bladimar2027@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Marc’s Consignment Store

You need to buy or sell some things? Then you should definitely come visit Marc’s Consignment Store. We offer you the best appliances, furniture, paintings, ornaments, electronics, etc.

Remember that our store stands out for our good prices and discounts. We also offer you an easy way to make money by selling those things that you don´t use anymore.

We are located in the corner of Simón Bolivar and Miguel Heredia. Call us, visit us or send us a message if you need more information. Work schedule: 9 AM to 6 PM (Monday-Friday) – Saturdays 10 AM to 4 PM. We also do sends to all the country.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Marc: marcsconsignacion@gmail.com 096 849 6409.

City: Cuenca

Items for sale

Used items in really good conditions

1. Modern sectional coach $275
2. IMUSA Cappuccino and Espresso Coffee maker $40
3. Wood dining table set with 4 chairs $150
4. Gas stove $35
5. Table for gas stove $15
6. Used bike $80

WhatsApp me for pictures: 099 805 0695

Angie: 099 805 0695.

City: Cuenca

Bernan’s Home Canned Foods will be closed for most of May

Bernan’s Home Canned Foods will be closed for most of May. We are only 2 weeks away from being closed so I wanted to send out another reminder that Bernie and I will be gone most of next month. That means that Bernan’s will be closed from May 6th through May 26th, Reopening on May 27th. Until that time, as usual, we will be working hard to keep the pantry full of all the foods you love, so, be sure to stock up so you don’t run out while we’re gone.

You can contact us about a good time for you to pick up your order or if you prefer Bernie will be delivering orders as well.

If you need a new product list please just contact me and I’ll send one to you as soon as I can get to my computer.

As always thanks so much for your continued support.

Bernie and Nancy Hemingway: bernan_10304@yahoo.com 096 714 6265.

City: Cuenca

Temporary/permanent visas…100% guaranteed by Isabel Mosquera

If you are filing for a temporary/permanent visa, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. If I don’t get you your visa, you pay nothing. My name is Isabel Mosquera. I am an Ecuadorian, who studied and lived in Canada for many years. I have been a visa facilitator for over 8 years and have assisted more than three hundred expats in obtaining their visas, temporary and permanent, cedulas, translations, health insurance, housing and much more. These services are available as one fee package or individually. I own a car, so transportation is always included at no extra charge. I have always gotten my clients their Visas, even under the most difficult of circumstances, such as unreadable fingerprints for FBI reports.

Have you moved to Ecuador without the required documents? Don’t worry, I can help. I offer free consultations, either by telephone, email or in person. I am at the Immigration office on a very regular basis, so I am knowledgeable about all recent changes in the law and am happy to share my knowledge with you. I will be happy to provide you with references.

I look forward to serving you.


Isabel Mosquera
WhatsApp +593 99 960 3663

Recommendation for Mustafa Al-Adawi, best IT-tech support – CyberSecurity

Mustafa is a godsent tech savvy person who makes house calls to ascertain and fix and troubleshoot computers and phones software and hardware.

He protected me from getting hacked by fake Amazon email which almost got my money from my bank account.

I had an email from amazon telling me there was a purchase of
(Asus laptop) and $883 been charged on my credit card. I was shocked because I always use Mac computers not windows!

Stupid me, I called the number in that email. After a long time talking with them, they told me they had to control my computer remotely in order to cancel the payment. I agreed because I thought they were from Amazon and they will help me to cancel the order and refund my money.

I didn’t know they can access my bank and credit card info by remotely controlling my computer and hack my bank account information.

I was extremely anxious and panicky, and I didn’t know what to do, so, I called one of my friends and she told me to call Mustafa immediately. I was hopeless, but I had no choice but to try, and thank god I did!

Mustafa came and took full control of the situation. He literally saved me and got my money back. He did a very complicated process with my bank along with phone calls and remote communication in United States with his (Delta) cybersecurity team and finally he canceled and refunded the transaction from the bad guys which unfortunately were from India (Bangalore) after he tracked them.

I was absolutely amazed how quickly and efficiently Mustafa took care of my problem and ended up this horrible situation.

I couldn’t thank him enough, It was a miracle.

Mustafa you are a hero and I thank you again and again. It’s rare to find people like his skills and professionalism in Cuenca. He is a gift!

He does his best to provide high quality service for an extremely affordable price. I highly, highly recommend him.

Having tech issues? call Mustafa

Address: Cuenca – Don Bosco

Contact information: adawim52@yahoo.com 099 408 7897

Recommended by Victoria Bingham: victoriabingham62@gmail.com

Darwin Garcia, gym pottery

Hey friends, in La Maceteria, we will be with a workshop for preschool children on April 26, 27 and 28. I need sponsors and volunteers. because it’s free for them,
for help or contributions contact me by intern.

I love you, a hug

Address: Av. Ordones Laso y de los Adobes km 1.5

Contact information: dnandogp@gmail.com 099 511 0031

Recommended by Darwin Garcia: 099 511 0031

Construction / repairs

MJ Construcción Co.

— Kitchens
— Bathrooms
— Cabinets
— Floors
— Tile–
— Plaster
— Concrete
— Painting
— Windows
— Doors
— Electrical
— Plumbing
— Interior
— Exterior
— Roof

We pay attention to the details so every Job – Large or small – meets or exceeds the
customer’s expectations. We appreciate your business.

Contact us for a free estimate.


Miguel J
099 553 5099

Sofa beds of different sizes

I manufacture different types of sofa beds.

Please write to the mail to send information and photos.

– Advantages of using a sofa bed

1. Save space
2. It is as comfortable as a real bed
3. It is ideal for your guests
4. Fits perfectly in your living room
5. Unfolds easily
6. Offers more storage
7. Its structure is durable
8. Its price is accessible

Cuenca, Centro


Emilio, driver – facilitator

Hello again! I’m Emilio Morocho. I live in Cuenca and serve the community by providing safe transportation to just about anywhere. I know the area well, having worked as a Cuenca Taxi driver for years and guiding people around the various places of interest near Cuenca. Want to see orchids? I know the best places. Need shoes made? Jewelry? Just want to see what lies outside of Cuenca? I’ll be happy to show you around. Or, if you want to go to Guayaquil or Quito, I’d be delighted to drive you there.

I am fluent in English and would love to serve you. I have assisted many expats with doctor’s appointments and also have accompanied them to surgical appointments and even in the hospital. Being fluent in English doesn’t necessarily mean one understands all the ins and outs of medical terminology, and I don’t claim to since I am not a doctor. But I am one of the people who has been chosen most frequently to assist expats with these challenges. I have a lot of experience with medical facilitation.

Look forward to meeting you. Text me with your information and we’ll set up an appointment.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694

Last day – donations for shelters – La Mia Mascota Pet and Vet Shop

300 of the stray dogs of Cuenca have been rescued and are sheltered in various locations around Cuenca, like FAAN. These shelters need food, bedding, medicine, and cleaning materials and ask for your donations.

Last day of the campaign Guau por Todos –
The Foundation of Reinas de Cuenca (Queen of Cuenca Foundation) along with Plaza Las Americas and La Mia Mascota Pet and Vet shops and various sponsors request your help.


Monica Gonzaga, facilitator, is the best option to get your visas

I have been working almost a decade with the expat community making their lives in this country a lot easier. I can help you with any problem that you may have at the moment of getting your visas, cedula, driver’s license, marriage registration, end of life plan, etc.

Let me handle all your cases. Hard cases, easy cases; there is no difference for me because of all my years of experience.

Call me now for your free consultation. Let’s do a Zoom meeting, a WhatsApp call, or a personal appointment at my office located in Downtown Cuenca.

Benedicto XV 1-53

Monica Gonzaga
098 384 1691


Your home is more than just a house—it’s your sanctuary—a space where you can relax, unwind, and spend time doing the things you love. At Dimplo’s Cleaning services, we go beyond the basic and provide you with a comprehensive clean that will reenergize your home and enhance your life. From everyday housekeeping to routine cleanings and seasonal services, our professional team members can provide you with an unrivaled experience.

40 years of experience
Licensed, bonded, and insured professionals
Guaranteed satisfaction
Free cleaning estimates
Time-tested techniques
Specialized cleaning products
Advanced technology

Simon Bolivar 17-25 y Miguel Heredia

Juan Pedro Malo

099 413 6993

Looking for a place to live? Best Ecuador Homes is your solution

We are your best option because we have a lot of experience working with people from other countries. We are in this business since 2014 performing sales, rentals, property management and house hunting.

Invest your money in the safest place in Ecuador. We dispose of numerous rentals as well as house/apartment sales in different areas in town. We have houses for sale in the beautiful city of Cuenca and in the precious beach of Salinas.

If you want to buy or sell a property, we get the best deal for our clients. We seek out, negotiate and assist you in the purchase or sale of a property. Also, we can help you with legal advice.

However, if you want to start your own build, you can buy land. We have the best prices in the market and many options according to your budget. Our lands for sale are located in rural areas such as Challuabamba and Deleg, just 30 min away from Cuenca.

In Best Ecuador Homes we have the place of your dreams.

Benedicto XV 1-53

Best Ecuador Homes
099 517 4076

Are you looking for your new TV, LG- Samsung?

Are you looking for your new TV, LG-Samsung?

Hi, my name is Nestor Reinoso,

I offer brand-new TVs. Some of the latest models of LG and Samsung for the best prices in town.

If you need references from my happy customers, I will be more than pleased to provide you.

Kind regards,


Nestor Reinoso: safetransportationecu@gmail.com
WhatsApp 096 742 1444 / 099 623 9495. USA. 914 230 5429
Fb exclusive transportation with Nestor Reinoso


Nestor Reinoso Reinoso Guaman
WhatsApp 096 742 1444 – – 099 623 9495 ..USA. 914 230 5429
Fb exclusive transportation with Nestor Reinoso

VAN/ SUV/ transportation service with English Speaking driver

Safe – Van transportation services.

Greetings; expat-community, tourists, tour companies and everyone: I provide completely legal, insured, and safe transportation throughout the whole country of Ecuador. I can service one passenger up to 40 passengers at a time.
The cars are completely sanitized.

My services include:

– Pick up and drop off to any airport (Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca)
– Transfer to and from any airport – (Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca)
– Taking you to other towns
– Driving you to any immigration office (Machala, Guayaquil, Azogues)
– Running any type of errands needed
– Facilitator (for shopping, doctor’s appointments, legal matters, driver’s license)
– We can deliver anything to your house.

Our insured and safe transportation services offer the use of a bus, car, SUV, pickup truck, or cab.

Note: This service is completely legal, safe, and insured transportation (it comes with free passenger’s insurance).

Available 24/7
Please feel free to contact me for a free quote at any time.

Many recommendations of my services can be found on:

FB exclusive transportation with Nestor Reinoso

GringoPost/recommendations/drivers/Nestor Reinoso.

Kind regards,

Av. 3 de Noviembre 1-56 (Plaza Ortorongo) Cuenca, EC ​.


Nestor Reinoso: safetransportationecu@gmail.com Ecuador 096 742 1444 WhatsApp 099 623 9495 USA 914 230 5429 / 096 742 1444


Nestor Reinoso Reinoso Guaman
WhatsApp 096 742 1444 – – 099 623 9495 ..USA. 914 230 5429
Fb exclusive transportation with Nestor Reinoso

If you have a cell phone – read this post

Your selection of power banks (backup power-phone chargers) is huge at CosasPrep.

We all hate it when our cell phones go dead. At CosasPrep, we want to help you be prepared with backup power for your phone. CosasPrep has endeavored to offer the widest selection in Cuenca. From Qi chargers that plug in (usually on a nightstand or counter) that you just set your phone on top of to charge, to mobile chargers that you can carry with you, to mobile Qi chargers, we can help you make sure that your phone has power. Starting at only $19.90, ($14.90 on sale) backup phone power is very affordable. See the sale flier below.

Also see our large selection of plug-in Qi chargers. Stop by out store to try them out and see which one is best for you. Cash, Credit Cards, and PayPal Accepted.

Simon Bolivar 13-49 y Estevez de Toral

Kent Mills

Greek yogurt / butter / mozzarella cheese

Butter, fresh blueberries, raw crude honey, other organic products. We bring organic products of excellent quality at a good price. You can check the list below:

1 egg (free-range, organic) $0.30
1 lb fresh blueberries $6
2 lb Pitahaya pulp $4
2 lb Uvilla pulp $4


Delicious Southeast Asian cuisine

Authentic & Delicious Southeast Asian Cuisine served in a warm relaxing environment. 
Each week I prepare three or four main courses from you to choose from. 
Fish Amok: Premium grade sea bass prepared with a aromatic lemongrass sauce served in banana leaves. 
BBQ Baby: back pork ribs, tender and delicious served with three of my signature sauces. 
Sweet, sticky and Spicy chicken: Tender chicken and garlic sauteed with lemongrass, chili’s and my signature oil. 

See my website for more details or to make a reservation: https://www.cookingwithrey.com
visit my cooking channel whatscooking:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVRL2BRjKKidueUZxeI378Q

Mother and Son Family Kitchen Sunday special

We make your Sunday lunch and dinner very special dine-in at the Jazz Society Cafe or at home.

Sunday Brunch service 11 AM to 3 PM
Delivery Service noon to 5 PM

Juicy pan-seared pork tenderloin medallions $11
with mushroom gravy served with mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, and honey glazed carrots.


Between fire and wood sourdough pizzeria

We give you a warm welcome. We invite you to discover our pizzas made with sourdough. Pizza in a wood-fired oven without yeast, without chemicals, with organic products.

Also, enjoy our delicious breakfast, your traditional coffee or natural juices.

Address: Juan Jaramillo, 5:10 Mariano Cueva next to the international bakery


Cuenca Salmon – Super Saturday sausage sale

Did you know that Cuenca Salmon has the largest variety of sausages in Cuenca.

This Saturday 4 of our great sausages are on sale.

* Irish Bangers
* Mama Mia Hot Italian Sausage
* Chicken Sausage (Hot or Spicy)

Shop 24/7 on our website. http://www.cuencasalmon.com

Saturday 4/23, Los Alamos y 3 de Noviembre

Lenny Charnoff: info@cuencasalmon.com 099 122 1238

Bife de chorizo for meat lovers at La Yunta

if you like good meat then you should come and try fantastic meat cut, bife de chorizo.

We will be serving it starting Saturday, April 23, every day until is sold out.

Bookings 098 945 6551

Bife de chorizo with chimichurri sauce on the side, scalloped new potatoes and red cabbage salad.


Saturday, April 22, Ave 1 de Mayo entre Ave Las Americas y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal

Thomas Gould: layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.com 098 945 6551

Open auditions

Hubba Hubba Players
The Sweet Delilah Swim Club

Wednesday, April 27th noon – 2 PM Sabatinos Garden Restaurant
Friday, April 29th 2 – 4 PM Roberto Aguilar y 3 de Noviembre


Celebrate International Jazz Day at the Jazz Society Café

The Jazz Society of Ecuador presents Ecuador’s premier jazz pianist,
Francisco Echeverría with singer Rochi Verneza.

Don’t miss the Special Event.

Dinner starts 6 PM
Music starts 7 PM

Saturday 7 PM, 23rd of April, 2022, $10, Jazz Society Cafe Los Cedros y Los Claveles, Cuenca.

Debby Degamo: jazzsocietyofecuador@gmail.com Phone: English: 093 934 2714 Español: 096 322 3377.

It is not too late to register for this informative meeting

Meet the experts at Mujeres Con Exito or on Zoom. Mujeres con Exito is hosting a free luncheon on April 26th from 12:30 to 3 PM for a discussion by:

+Dr. Gabriel Tenorio, Geriatric Physician, on primary care and pain management
+Poulin J, Nurse and Owner of VIP Healthcare, on nursing and palliative care, emergency care alert
+Diana Vera, Medical Facilitator, navigating IESS and end of life documentation
+Dra. Consuelo Cote Carrasco, Attorney and Notary Public, on updated rules for Power of Attorney and banking laws


St. Christopher Episcopal Mission Evening Prayer

St. Christopher Episcopal Mission is a Cuenca-based faith community formed in 2019, as the first English-language Episcopal congregation in South America.

All are welcome at St. Christopher’s regardless of their faith tradition.

In-person worship has resumed at 4 PM each Sunday, with Covid-19 protocol being followed. Masks are required.


Spanish classes for all levels

I am a professional Spanish teacher with a universary educational degree, with more than 15 years of experience. I love to teach. My goal is for you to feel self-confident in what you learn about Spanish in order to be able to communicate with Spanish people.

I have different skills and methods to teach, according to the learning pace of each student, my classes are personalized.

The rate is $8 an hour
Do not hesitate in contact me

May, $8 an hour, El Vergel, Cuenca.

Fabiola Medina: fabipiru.64@gmail.com 099 572 7652 by WhatsApp

Desserts, ice cream, breakfast and more. Sugar free, gluten free

Find several sugar-free and gluten-free options in desserts, ice creams, breads, breakfasts, sandwiches, cakes, nuts, cookies, etc.

Everything healthy in our store.
We have vegan and dairy free options.

April 22, from 7 AM to 11 PM, Remigio Crespo street and Guayas Street.

Maya Superalimentos: 095 892 1747

Loaded baked potato of the week “Chile #2” from Mujeres Con Exito

Phone, text or email your loaded potato orders by Sunday for pickup or delivery Tuesday 11 AM – 2 PM

Mujeres Con Exito cafe located at Baltazara de Calderón 2-26 y Miguel Vélez,

You can also have orders delivered after 11 AM Tuesdays for an additional $2 fee.

To order, text or phone: 098 991 1147 or email to; mcereservations2019@gmail.com.
Please use order form used in this ad.

For every 2 loaded potatoes sold we will donate a portion of the sale to purchase 5 pounds of potatoes for a local family to be distributed by Cuenca Soup Kitchen.
“Enjoy a meal and feed our community one family at a time”
Thank you.

Loaded Potatoes Order Form: please use to place your order.

Every Tuesday 11 AM – 2 PM, Baltazara de Calderón 2-26 y Miguel Vélez,

Kip Gienau: kipgienau@gmail.com

Zarza Brewing: NBA Playoffs continue Saturday

And we open at noon to bring you all the action with your favorite Zarza ales and food.

Every Saturday, Remigio Tamariz between Alfonso Borrero and Lorenzo Piedra

Gregory: ggedeon@zarzabrewing.com

Floral design class at Flora Caffe on Monday, lunch included

We only have a few openings left for our Floral Design Class on Monday, April 25 at 11 AM.

$35 includes everything needed to design your own arrangement and a 3-course lunch.

Reservation is required – Philip Combs – 098 589 7398
We’ll see you there,

Monday, April 25th, from 11 AM to 2 PM, $35, Plaza del Otorongo, Cuenca.

Rosana Malo: rosana@trebolroses.com 099 869 8661

The International Christian Community of Cuenca invites you

Come join us this Sunday for an inspirational program of Christian worship in English. We are a community of believers dedicated to love ministries throughout the city. We’d love to have you visit us and find out more about a Christianity that works. We will be looking for you!

Sunday, April 24, from 11 AM to 12:3 PM, free, Nicanor Aguilar and Solano (next to Medical Tower 4), Cuenca.

Phil Kennemer: kennemerphi1@gmail.com

Dao Yoga – Tuesdays and Thursdays – with live music

Starting 3rd of May, Pampamisayoc QiGong will offer weekly classes of Dao Yoga.

Dao Yoga is a dynamic and flowing style of Yoga, giving you both strength and flexibility.

The classes will be a merging of the Ayurvedic principles and those of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will get the best from both worlds.

Every class will finish with a 15 min shavasana, with a guided meditation and/or live music.

We are looking forward to have you.

Pampamisayoc QiGong

Try your first class for no cost.

Drop in fee $9

6 – 7:15 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays, + $20/month for members. $35 for non-members.

17 – 51 Mariscal Lamar between Octavio Cordero and Miguel Heredia., Cuenca.

Frida Strandberg: pampamisayocqigong@gmail.com +593 98 545 2054

Change your thinking, change your life

Join us each Sunday for our Cuenca Study Group. This week we will be discussing just what is Science of Mind. The article can be found here:

We meet at 11 AM in the Condominio Aragon, Fernando Aragon y Primero de Mayo for an hour. Everyone is welcome to a lively and spiritual discussion.

Sunday from 11 AM to Noon, No cost, 2-47 Fernando de Aragon, Condominio Aragon y Primero de Mayo, Cuenca.

Ruth Bennett RScP: BennettRuthAZ@gmail.com

QiGong at Parque de La Madre this Saturday – no cost

All levels and ages are welcome to join us for a Qigong class in the park this Saturday, for no cost.

QiGong is a very simple practice, cultivated for the purpose of enhancing health through the body, mind and spirit. Come and try it out and see for yourself.

Classes are every other Saturday in the park, and will be held in English and or Spanish depending on the participants.

We will be there Saturday 23rd of April, May 7th and 21st and so on … 11 AM – noon
You will find us by the wooden totems.

Check out our fb page for daily classes at our center.


All the best,

Pampamisayoc QiGong

Saturday April 23rd, 11 AM -noon, no cost, Parque de la Madre, Cuenca.

Frida Strandberg: pampamisayocqigong@gmail.com +593 98 545 2054