Recommendation for Jerri Ridley, massage therapy

I recently relocated to Cuenca from the US, and am thrilled to have found Jerri Ridley for my massage therapist. I asked around about massage therapists when I first got here, and received three glowing recommendations for Jerri.

I have relied on massage to manage pain and improve flexibility for years, but I have never been able to afford a weekly massage on an ongoing basis. With Jerri’s reasonable rates I can have a weekly massage, and over twelve weeks she has increased my neck mobility and eased the pain in my hip from an old injury. Generally I request a deep massage, but one week I asked for a more relaxing massage, and that was wonderful as well.

My friends who recommended Jerri to me were looking for pain relief in specific trouble spots; I’m looking for long-term improvement in flexibility and overall health. Jerri is able to help us all through a combination of intuition and careful listening.

I give Jerri five out of five stars!

Address: 144 Francisco Cuesta, Cuenca

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