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I highly recommend Giovanna Rivera account manager and investments specialist of Cooperativa Crea. Many expats know her as a high-level professional, She has many years’ experience in banking. She has helped me with 8 transactions over the years and Cooperativa Crea is a great option to invest your funds They have government insurance at Segment 1, 5 international quality certifications, the option to have a joint account, beneficiary on your CDs and you can make changes on them by phone or e-mail, Your wire transfers can be received within 48 hours, no need to provide SSN or W9 form, CDs for visas and more. The most important thing, Giovanna will guide to through the whole process.

Contact Information: /
WhatsApp +593 98 424 4668
Jaime Roldos St. and Huayna Capac Av.

Address: Cooperativa Crea Huayna Capac Branch

Contact information: 098 424 4668

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