Melinna and Cannelo

Traditional food of our country, from the region of the Ecuadorian coast, dishes prepared in a responsible and professional way with the best products available in the market.

The integral handling of the green plantain in the different preparations that this food allows us, among our dishes you can find:

• Tertulias to share:
• Corviches of fish and shrimp.
• Green cheese and shrimp Empanaditas (small pies)
• Empanaditas de Maíz de res y pollo (small pies of corn and chicken)
• Green plantain Fufú and majados
• Canoas of maduro, sweet plantain confit with chocolated sal prieta
• Shrimp and fish casseroles / Cazuelas
• Tender goat in panela and naranjilla sauce
• Chicken in honey mustard sauce
• Garlic Shrimp Special
• Grilled salmon in orange sauce
And more in our menu with special and exclusive desserts.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9 AM to 10 PM Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Los Alisos 1-10 y del Arupo.

Elizabeth: 099 973 000

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