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On a recent trip, we had a long layover at the Quito airport. We had experienced a shorter layover on a previous trip where we just hung out in the business center on hard seats at a table with an electrical connection for the laptop. But it really wasn’t comfortable. I thought about booking a hotel for a short, day-time stay on this trip, but that seemed a bit expensive and while there are some inexpensive hotels nearby, many charge extra for transportation if you have a number of suitcases or may even require that you use two taxis to fit them in. We also thought about staying in the business lounge, but that wasn’t available until after check-in – several hours later.

I found that the LayoverStay Quito airport served our needs quite nicely. We arrived early in the morning and our flight did not depart until late in the evening. The porters assisted us with luggage and wheelchair from the airport to the lounge. The LayoverStay has snacks, tables and upright chairs, soft chairs, and recliners. The snack area is cleaned frequently and replenished. There were hot and cold snacks – soup, chili, crackers with option of Nutella or Jam, sodas and coffee and tea. We were able to rest between flights and even go in and out of the Layover Stay area as often as we wanted to stretch our legs and purchase meals in the airport. There is a dark room where passengers who want to sleep may recline, put their feet up and rest.

One very nice feature is that it has bathrooms and showers for men and women. One woman, returning from Galapagos, didn’t want to stay in the lounge, but did feel she need a shower after swimming with turtles. She paid her fee and showered. Also, you can keep your luggage with you and not have to drag it around or pay to store it. (Quito airport does have a luggage storage facility – for a fee).

You can pre-book with a bank transfer – this allows you to reserve a spot in the lounge (it is a relatively small area). We paid upon arrival and charged it to our credit card. They accept multiple forms of payment. Their website is

Address: Quito Airport Business Center (across the street from the airport), 2nd floor

Contact information: +593 2 281 8090, WhatsApp or text + 593 98 485 3278

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

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