Recommendation for La Tapita Espanola, restaurant

I recently moved into a new apartment and a new neighborhood. My Spanish teacher (who grew up in Spain), immediately brought me here (I’m sitting here now) so that I could try some real, authentic food from Spain. I now find myself here 2-3 times a week. I’m guessing most of you know about this restaurant as it is located right next to Jennifer and Matthew’s Bagels. (We all know Jennifer. Lol.) But if you don’t know, I strongly recommend checking it out. The food is fantastic. They have outdoor seating in the front and the back. And Jorge & Jannet couldn’t possibly be nicer hosts. In addition, they occasionally have special events with live music and a unique menu. (Although I haven’t attended one yet. Ugh.) Anyway, check it out. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Address: Del Arrayan and Los Alamos

Contact information: 098 650 6407

Recommended by Kevin Pelton: 098 687 7590
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