Recommendation for Dr. Jose Esteban Cabrera, veterinarian

Hello Neighbors in Cuenca:

Many people do not know about Agro Vets and what that means.

Often the feed and supplies are much less expensive at an Agro Vet

I recommend the Vet at El Campo near Mercado Libre

Dr Cabrera will examine your animal and charge you very little for his care.

Parking is almost impossible so if you drive, take a friend who can come back when you are ready.

For basic care and vaccines, I use this Agro Vet

My doggie Elsa gets great care at a reasonable fee. He will see kinds of other animals as well.

Take your pet with you for an exam and weight.

Rabies is just $5.50
Kennel cough is just $6.50
Parvovirus is just $7.50
Parasite gel is just $1.50 weight based every 6 months complete.

Elsa’s annual exam and care was about $20, 2 trips, and my dog walker carried her there for me as part of the walking care too.

Karla Merchan is my walker +593 98 096 9070

My furry baby is well loved at a smaller budget!

Good luck!

Address: Roberto Crespo y Eduardo Arias

Contact information: 098 146 6069

Recommended by Garnett Stewart:

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