Animal lovers in Cuenca

Hello All,

This is a reach out to all animal lovers in Cuenca with advice on how you ever managed to take the cruel animal treatment of domestic pets in Cuenca. I have been here for four months. At times, I look away since I cannot endure how pets are released into the streets with no care as their owner/friend/trusted one takes off for work. Most of the pets are not euthanized. Most are unfriendly to strangers and most dog owners know that if you treat a dog with kindness/love, it is friendly.

I am sure that every expat has noticed this. How have you made this aspect of life/living in Ecuador acceptable? One HBO show I watch showed that at Cotacacchi, many dogs are dropped at the site to fend for themselves. I can’t take this.

Pets=people=kids=humanity. I know animal cruelty happens in the US–but we have come a long way since I was a kid. What can we do in Ecuador?
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