Looking for entertainment activities during the Holy Week?

Join us at “Ruta de las Posadas”, a walking outdoor activity that shows the background history of the traditional San Sebastian neighborhood in Cuenca’s downtown. Come and admire different scenarios that were part of civil battles, tragic love stories, and the birthplace of amazing sculptors and artists.

The guided route starts with an interesting and surrealist priest guide, who takes you through remote times and tells you how was his life, accompanied by iconic musical pieces like pasillos and albazos; also, delicacy gastronomy treats will be enjoyed while immersing in a legend that had its origin during the colonial era and it relates that still exists a hidden treasure in the San Sebastian neighborhood.
Be part of the function and support local young talent and contribute to this artistic proposal takes forward and remember to spread the word with family and friends to rediscover the beauty of Cuenca city culture.

The crew of Provocando Experiencias, which is behind of this project will be pleased to receive you!

For additional info and to make reservations or get tickets, please feel free to visit its Facebook page @ProvocandoExperiencias and follow them for updates about new functions.

April 16th, from 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM, 8.99, San Sebastian park, Cuenca.

Steeven Bermeo: provocando.experiencias@gmail.com 0963957427
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