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Cameron Kayce, M.Ed, LMT, massage therapist taking new clients!
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Looking for 3 bedroom house for rent

Looking for 3 bedroom, unfurnished house for rent in Cuenca, $400-$600, Must allow pets.

We are looking to rent a single story unfurnished house or apartment with a yard for a small dog. The perfect place would be the ground floor of a home with another family above. 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Gracias

Marilyn Cochran:
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Foreign English teacher?

A foreign English teacher who can help me prepare for a college interview? Cassandra: 098 469

Cardboard boxes

Hi, I need cardboard boxes for moving. Does anyone know where I can purchase them? Thanks, David:

Cuenca paper map

I am seeking a larger paper map of Cuenca. I am making a wall poster, so one

Visa help

My investment visa is in my husband’s name only. My son and I are attached. My husband

Looking for diving tank

I am looking for a diving tank. Andres Vidal: 098 484 2526. City: Cuenca