Recommendation for Dr. Andres Pacheco, general dentistry

We first went to Dr. Pacheco on personal recommendation to establish care and cleanings, when we first moved to Cuenca. He and his staff are very communicative, thorough, and attentive to detail. Recently and right after a cleaning, the back of a front tooth cosmetic crown fractured and fell out in my mouth. I emailed the office for an emergency appointment and received a reply with available times in the next few days, and I was able to see him the following afternoon. He looked at the tooth and made the recommendation of filling in the defect, with potential replacement of the crown in the future. He used a model to explain the defect and the repair. The work took 30 minutes and cost $30. I will certainly seek his future advice for any dental issues that arise, and feel comfortable with his care of my teeth.

Address:, Medimagen building, Paseo de los Cañaris y Avenida Pumapungo, Cuenca

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