International bakery sourdough

We offer sourdough breads in a wood-fired oven
Natural sourdough is a ferment made up of flour and water that does not contain any type of yeast.

Improves digestion gluten-free contains many vitamins has more fiber is preserved naturally.

Come and enjoy our breads with blueberry and multi-seed walnut sourdough rye, wheat, corn, turmeric, focaccia, bagel, pizzas and sourdough whites.

Our goal is that customers feel happy with our healthy recipes.

You are cordially invited to visit our stores:
Juan Jaramillo 5:18 Mariano Cueva
Gran Colombia and Manzaneros

Free tasting

Orders call 099 222 5344

City Cuenca

Today, Juan Jaramillo 5:18 Mariano Cueva and Gran Colombia y Manzaneros

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