Grace Progress Report, Give Refugees a Chance

In the past three months, Grace has provided medical care to a total of 607 people for medical care which includes general medicine, dentistry, vision exams, gynecological exams and psychological exams. Mostly women and children are being provided care by Grace. In addition, another 264 people received food including formula for babies and another 529 people received various items of need such as clothing and medicine.

Although Grace does collect small fees from people who can afford to pay, approximately 80% of all medical service are provided at no cost. We would greatly appreciate any donation you can afford to help us continue to provide medical care and other services to refugees and others in need. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Also ask us about becoming a member of Grace and how to receive low and cost medical care.

Donate at: https://givere
For more information about GRACE and all our services:

+593 95 920 4786

Steve Chasson, President of Give Refugees a Chance a 501.c3 organization

City: Cuenca

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