Get pampered at C&C Unisex Hair Design & Barber Shop

Get pampering yourself by scheduling a social time: A big part of self-care is maintaining your social connections. Make an effort to carve out time to see friends and family.

Deep-condition your hair: While you’re having a shampooing before getting a hair trim, put on a deep-conditioning treatment for your hair, and let it work as you relax.
Deep-clean your pores: With a clay facial black mask, you can draw impurities out of your skin and stress out of your system.

Care for your feet: After we put in soak your feet to soften calloused skin, we use a pumice stone to slough off dead skin. Finish with rich foot cream and perhaps nail polish.
Nourish your skin: Get feel smooth, if you get a facial with hot ozone vaporizer on, finishing with aloe Vera .
Tend to your nails: Correct the beating your nails probably take from your busy life (especially for those of you who bite your nails) by filing and buffing them, getting a complete manicure and pedicure. So, what are you waiting for? Get everything done in just one place.

Our C&C’s prices:

1) Men’s hair cut includes shampooing $6
2) Classic Shaving with hot towel, hot steamer, facial massage exfoliating plus Aloe Vera Gel $6
3) Beard Outlining plus hair cut $8. Complete Shaving plus haircut $10
4) Male Manicure Pedicure $12
5) Women’s haircut includes shampooing conditioning $10
6) Men’s Package = Manicure+Pedicure+Haircut +Head Massage while you getting a Shampooing + shaving with hot towel + hot steamer + Express facial cleanse + finishing with aloe Vera Gel $22
7) Female Manicure Pedicure $12
8) Manicure $5
9) Pedicure $9
10) One hour full body massage $25
11) Express Facial cleanse $15
12) Gel nail polish painted plus a regular manicure $10
13) Eyebrows+Upper lip waxing $6
14) Color , cut , Style , $35 and up
15) Foiled Highlights or baby lights $60 and up
16) keratin straightened $50 and up
17) Botox Capillary treatment $30 $40 to prevent frizzy hair
18) blow dry and flat ironing $5 $7 $8 $10 it all depends how long your hair is .

Rolando with a Master Degree obtained in Miami Florida, he is a very talented hairdressers now working full time. Christian the most patient and good skills as a barber. Mary loves doing styles, Ely the manicurist, loves her job, doing pedicures, removing dead skin cells and giving feet massages are her passion.

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