Red Tag Moving Company is back better than ever

There is a very good reason why Debra Lynn, owner of Red Tag Moving Company has been voted the best local moving company three times in Cuenca. Debra and her crew recently packed up all our belongings and moved us to our new location. Everything was packed very carefully and efficiently. The move itself was done in a very timely fashion. Debra’s crew of three very strong men and Debra herself worked together like clockwork to load and unload our furniture, appliances, tons of artwork and dozens and dozens of boxes. They set up the beds, hooked up the appliances, and placed furniture where we wanted it, sometimes moving it more than once until it was just right. They even hung our drapes and mounted our televisions on the walls!

All of this was done tirelessly without any dents or breakage, and always with a smile. So, if you have a move planned whether it is from your home or business and no matter how large or small, email Debra Lynn today at and rest assured that you are getting the best.

Calle Gran Columbia y Unidad Nacional

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