Cesares gourmet at home

Hi everyone!
My name is Cesar and I cook. Many of you know me already.
This week I will start a new cooking project.
Frozen or fresh foods, sauces, soups, plain pastas and more.

Let’s start this week with 3 items…

Beef Lasagna $7.50 (5-layer slice).
Italian pork sausage Lasagna $8.25 (5-layer slice).
El Bufon Salsa Picante $2.50 (100g)

We will do deliveries or you can come to T-Rex Burgers and pick them up after 6 PM this Sunday. They will be available the rest of the week.

Every week we will add more items till we have a full selection.

April 10th, from 6 PM, Calle Larga 8-63

Cesar Mejia: cesaresrex@gmail.com 096 272 0330
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