Recommendation for German Zhina, driver and facilitator

So, I needed to retrieve my visa documents from the Manta immigration office (long, sad story for another day). I had to email their office a form in advance that clearly specified what documents I needed to retrieve.

German Zhina drove me to the office, so fortunately he was with me when we discovered the person who had filled out the form for me in Spanish had incorrectly specified only one document instead of all of my documents. The employee who was helping gave me the specified document but refused to provide me with the others, saying that I would need to submit a new form and return another day. I was not happy. But German took control of the situation, convinced the guy in charge—presumably, the employee’s boss—that they should give me the documents that same day, and I left there with all my documents in hand.

This is not the first time I’ve seen German do this kind of thing, take a situation that’s gone south for someone and turn it around, getting the person what they needed. It’s a gift to be able to do that, and German has that gift. All you need to do is stay out of his way and let him work. He believes that his job is to facilitate, and that’s exactly what he does. As a bonus, his personality and conversation are thoroughly enjoyable.

I cannot recommend German Zhina highly enough.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 392 9573

Recommended by Dena Jo Kanner:
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