Free teeth whitening session ($175 value) at FHIE dental clinic

Back by popular demand in being and always having been truly 100% free as a live, real and highly significant value in Cuenca, now up through January 31st, expats are able to receive one free session of teeth whitening, utilizing our dental clinic’s ultra-high lumen and industry’s best/most professional “Blue LED Light” system (that once more being a $175 value) – as well, if you had already done a paid (not already free) teeth whitening session as our dental clinic, you will now receive an additional (free) session at a zero cost ($0.00).

Simply send your emailed request in order to schedule your again totally free (absolutely, really and truly zero cost) teeth whitening session, as only it needs to have been scheduled any time before/by April 30th.

As another plus to the above freebie, you’ll also receive a “further free full teeth and gums consult” during your above referenced 100% complimentary teeth whitening session.

Edificio Medimagen, Av. Pumapungo y Av. Paseo de los Cañaris (second floor), Cuenca

Adam Elliot Altholtz
07 410 8745
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