Eloy Alfaro Pharmacy, more than a pharmacy

Hello to all the expat community. Why do we say that our Pharmacy is more than that? Because our mission is to be able to help you with whatever you need so that your health is good and you feel good.

We also have special discount day on the first Thursday of every month. This month is Thursday, 7th April. You are all cordially invited to visit us. We also have home service nationwide. For Cuenca you can cancel with a credit card from the comfort of your home.

If you need a product that is not easy to find, we will try to get it for you. You will always be welcome. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Please, if do you have some questions just write me or email me. I will happy to answer.

Roberto Benavides

Ordoñez Lasso Avenue and Álamos

Roberto Benavides
099 563 2090
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