USA Valet for the things you want from the U.S.A.

We bring you the things you want to buy from the United States and other countries. We ship legally and shipments are on average once a week. We deliver to your home anywhere throughout Ecuador.

The more you order the more frequently shipments go out, so you can use our service regularly for anything you want to get. There are no deadlines so order as much as you want anytime you want to. Our service is not just for items ordered online but you can order from any brick-and-mortar store throughout the world. You can order from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and virtually any store around the globe.

To use our service register on our website, and then as you order things enter them into the Notify Us form on our website. It’s that easy.

Our service is for everyone and the website is in both Spanish and English.

To stay up to date we encourage you to register now on our website if you haven’t already done so. This will automatically subscribe you to the bi-monthly emails we send out with info on Super Sales Days online, and other important information you will not want to miss. You can stay informed on new shipment arrivals on the page called Latest Update, and you can check out the Raffle Page.

We also have a blog right on the website that educates you about the services we offer, and there is an FAQ page under About Us.

To message us send a chat message anytime from the bottom right of any page of the website. It is there for you to ask us any question or if you have a thought you want to communicate to us.

Register on our website now and you can start shopping.

Cuenca, Ecuador

USA Valet
099 931 8080

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