Pickles is looking for love

Won’t you open your heart to be home for our precious boy, Pickles? Pickles is a male, sterilized, feline leukemia positive cat. Pickles is fine living here, as all 3 of our cats are feline leukemia positive, but our other male cat, Jake, is making life here at the rescue hard for Pickles. Pickles is a sweet boy, and deserves a life that is better. If you enjoy watching TV and sitting at home, Pickles won’t care at all, as he is a pro at cuddling. You will never have a lonely day again with Pickles in your life.

If you would like to open your heart and home to Pickles or another one of our rescues who are looking for a forever human, please reach out to me.
Thank to those who have donated to feed and vet all of animals. Thanks to you, the remaining 8 dogs and 3 cats are all sterilized. We are always in need to dog food, cat food, and cat litter, as it only lasts so long! Thank you from all the paws.

Paypal: Pawswithhopecuenca@yahoo.com


City: Cuenca

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