We attend to your legal needs and defend your interests

Need legal counsel? Don’t let the lack of knowledge of Ecuadorian law become a difficulty of living in a foreign country. We guarantee effective legal solutions.

We offer you free consultation. You talk. We listen. You win.

Let the law work for you. We can get you all the benefits that the Ecuadorian legislation has for you.

Our areas of practice includes:

Immigration law, VISA and citizenship
Social security matters (IESS)
Tax law and rights (SRI)
Wills and estates
Housing law
Insurance law
Property law
Medical laws and health malpractice
Banking and debt finance law
Car accident
Powers of attorneys
All kind of legal documents and others legal consultations

A team of experienced lawyers and paralegals is looking forward to helping you. Contact us now.


Attorney Agustin Sanchez Moscoso
093 906 2758

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