Recommendation for Edgar Torres, home improvement and maintenance guru

Navigating the construction and repair culture of Cuenca, is a minefield of frustration, even for the most acculturated among us. Heck, even Cuencans will shake their heads in commiseration, as they hear the frustrating tales of game attempts to acquire services or products around the city.

Edgar’s indomitable spirit and sense of humor, along with his nearly perfect English, will provide you with your happy results. Skilled in plumbing, welding, electrical, carpentry and concrete, there are scant few things he cannot do. The services he can’t provide, are done by qualified tradesmen. Likewise, his access into the supply community are extensive.

I’ve worked in Canadian construction most of my life, and the most important trait of any professional, is the inability to think or say “it can’t be done”. Edgar exemplifies that spirit.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 08 810 9705

Recommended by Sieg Braun:
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