Gran Feria Sabatinos is today

It’s finally here, Gran Feria Sabatino’s is today. Below are the vendors who look forward to seeing your masked faces between 10 and 2 today.

Amai Crochet Creations
Artesana Breads by Rosemary
Blue Biker Blueberries
Double D’s Delights
Gratzi Chocolate Fino
Huertos Jesmer Encurtidos
La Caprina Goats Milk Products
Luvimar Aged Cheeses and Gourmet Products
Magy Peña Art
Moni’s Accessories
Martina Bakery
Pat’s Ecuadorian T-shirts
Pei’s Pot Stickers and Buns
Pig and Cow Smoked and Cured Meats
Tierras del Sur Café de Altura Lojano
Trece Aromas y Velas Naturales
Veríssima Salsas Italianas
Way Luu Caramelos Artesanales

Vendors will be socially distanced on all three tiers of Sabatino’s outdoor space so plan on working your way all the way up to the patio–then go inside and have lunch.

We look forward to seeing you between 10 and 2.

Today, 10 AM to 2 PM, Entrance is free, Sabatino’s Garden Restaurant, Roberto Aguilar y Tres de noviembre (One block west of Plaza Otorongo), Cuenca.

Mauricio and Dawn
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