We need your help to support vulnerable families – Fundacion Nur

Friends of the Fundación Núr! We need your help as we are facing economic challenges to continue supporting 35 families (75 adults, 60 children) that we serve.

We provide every month free of charge: 6 workshops for parents, 44 classes for children, 16 classes for teenagers, 2 workshops for pregnant women, all this with the assistance of 10 tutors and 17 volunteers.

We also provide monthly: 22 nutritious snacks for children, 4 community lunches for teens and guardians, and deliver (35×2) 70 food kits for families in two biweekly deliveries totaling more than 1700 pounds per month (2x400kg). The group of 18 pregnant or newly born women receive support in diapers, milk, baby clothes and necessary items. We assist in medicines and medical support in emergencies. Our Solidarity Closet continues serving our families and the community of Cuenca.

At Fundación Núr we are all volunteers, no one receives any salary, and we constantly work to minimize operating costs.

Would you be willing to commit to a one-time or monthly donation to support the work that we do? Any amount is valuable to us!

Please let us know if you need more information or details to make your decision.

Thank you very much!

How to contact us? :
By WhatsApp: +593 99 695 5701
General Antonio Farfán 2-17, Cuenca

If you want to make your donation through PayPal or a bank deposit please visit this link:


Jorge Araujo: help@fundnur.org +593 99 695 5701. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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