Massage, bodywork, movement and myotherapy

Hi guys! Offering my skills and services in full body holistic bodywork and 4-points of contact movement training systems.

I work by the hour and I come to you.

If you’re feeling the need for your nervous system to down-shift into parasympathetic/rest and digestive state then please contact me to book in for a 60-90 minute full body deep-tissue treatment, where we work through the fascia to relieve all spots of tension holding for the ultimate relaxation and surrender (please note, no happy endings. Although you will be very happy by the end.)

If you’re struggling with your movement routine and need an experienced eye to help troubleshoot lagging body parts and get you feeling activated and full of energy, please contact me to book an Animal Flow Movement session and let’s get you going again!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


Cameron Emett
+6 142 278 8405 (WhatsApp)
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