La Salsa Fast Food is already in Cuenca – Ecuador

We have at your disposal the best double burgers in town with 250g of 100% beef, shawarmas (wrap), crispy chicken, BBQ wings, honey mustard, buffalo and passion fruit, pepitos and much more, everything comes accompanied by French fries and 300ml cola , you can order directly or through there you will find our menu with all prices, you can also find us at Pedidosya, Ubereats and Rappi as La Salsa Fast Food, Un Sabor Original… soon we will open to the public at our premises, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and participate in our raffle. We are waiting for you.

Every day 11 AM – 10 PM, Cuenca

Christian Figuera: 095 915 5628 – 099 918 3936
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