Joes’ Secret Garden – going on a holiday

After 3 years Chef/Owner KP was able to plan a trip back to his home and family in Sri Lanka and arrived safely on Sunday afternoon, in time to celebrate his twin kids 21st birthday. A happy day …
So for a few weeks the lights will be out at Joes’ Secret Garden but you can look forward to a robust reopening.

We tried to post this notice a few days ago but somehow thru the publishing process our notice got tangled with a competitors menu … so if it seemed strange, it was.

But we look forward to seeing all of our friends and supporters soon, enjoying our award winning southern fried chicken or BBQ ribs again and the Joes’ community.

See you then

We will be posting notices during the holiday, so keep a lookout for the reopening date. We’ll send the address as soon as you book a reservation.

KP and Ken:
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