Cuenca English Lions Club

Every month Cuenca English Lions Club enjoys providing a first run movie in English for all our English-speaking friends and Ecuadorians (movies have Spanish subtitles) as a fundraiser. All proceeds go to our Lions service projects.

No movie for April. See you all on May 7th, 2022.

However, with this current Landslide emergency in our community we are putting all our efforts for the next few weeks to help the victims of the mudslide. The Cuenca English Lions Club have coordinated with Fundacion GRACE (Give Refugees A ChancE) to get needed things to our friends and our neighbors. We are asking everyone from our English speaking community to contact Karla Sanchez :
WhatsApp: +593 95 920 4756
to make donations.

Fundacion Grace: Mariscal Lamar 25-01 y Guillermo Medina

Don Camero Foronda for the Cuenca English Lions Club
099 311 9340 or WhatsApp +1 713 594 2171
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