Medication yearly collection

Medication collection, please share
Annual Collection of Medication

Hello Friends:

As you may know, I collect the medication and medical supplies that you don’t use anymore, to give to the different local nursing homes in town. They are in a lot of need lately. Every little bit would help.

We also collect gauze, alcohol, bandages, or any other medical supplies that you have, like crutches, walkers, canes. Please help our efforts by donating on March 30th, from 10 AM – noon at Kolo Restaurant and Bakery, located at:

Altos del Hotel Vieja Mansión,
Luis Cordero 5-65 e/ Juan Jaramillo y,
Honorato Vásquez,

For more information you can contact me by phone at 099 174 4740 or, via email, at

Thank you so much, in advance.

Diana Vera

City: Cuenca

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