Police asking for ID follow up

Today a friend and I went to San Francisco Plaza hoping to see the “police” that asked for my ID. We didn’t see them, of course, but we did talk to a couple of the vendors who said they had seen these “police” several times approaching foreigners and asking for ID and taking pictures. We then went to the National Police office on the west side of the plaza and talked to an officer. He was very concerned and said they never take pictures of ID and when asking for ID, show their own police ID first. This may be a very large and well-organized scam against gringos so be careful and always ask the “police” for ID. I hope this saves someone from being hurt or robbed. I may contact the US consulate as well if they are approaching gringos. Be careful.

Janet Crumley: jingles1945@icloud.com .

City: Cuenca
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