Thermo-Massages Ceragem and Jade Stones – Giron

In times of stress, come and relax with our services of drawer baths, massages and natural therapies.

We help our clients achieve complete well-being through relaxation and breathing services.

Ceragem Stretcher: alternative treatment, which consists of jade stone rollers, which will move along your back in a pleasant and relaxing way, combining the effects of massage, chiropractic, acupressure and thermo-therapy in order to relieve or improve the following ailments among many others):

Stress – constipation – gastritis – varicose veins -diabetes – kidneys- insomnia – cellulite – the appearance of the skin- bone pain (osteoporosis) -herniated discs – scoliosis – spinal problems – bad circulation – release toxins – prostate, uterus and ovaries

Drawer bathrooms: The drawer bath is one of the variants of the steam baths. The drawer bathroom, being in a more closed environment, in a canvas cabin, gives greater warmth and its benefits are enhanced.

– It helps with blood circulation
– Eliminates dead cells
– Lowers cholesterol levels
– It helps you lose weight
– Helps fight respiratory problems
– Healthy smooth skin

Services and prices:
Ceragem Stretcher $6 (40m)
Drawer baths + machine massage $10 (1h)
Drawer baths + machine massage + Ceragem Stretcher $15 (1h 40m)
Therapeutic massage + Cupping Therapy $35 (1h 30m)
Reflexology $20 (1h)
Pain therapy $20

We also have hydro-colonic therapy $20 (1h 20m)

Come to Girón on Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM or Wednesday from 9 AM to 5 PM

Bolívar y Eloy Alvarez (Girón)

Daniela Carrasco
099 732 9710

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