Facilitator and home finder

My name is Sayira. My husband, Kevin (from Chicago), and I work as facilitators in Cuenca. We help expats with all of their needs.

While my specialty is finding the perfect home for you, I offer various other services:

-English/Spanish translation
-Shopping assistance (with or without you)
-Setting up cell phone service/utilities/internet
-Medical insurance
-City/Neighborhood tours
-Driver’s license
-Doctor’s appointments
-Car registration/inspection
-Group activities recommendations
-Other needs as they arise

If you need one or two of the above services, I charge only $10/hr.

For new expats, I offer package deals to smooth your transition.

References available upon request.

Ecuadorian phone/WhatsApp- 095 873 5663
US phone- 336 566 3477
Email- Sayira0808@gmail.com
Email- Kevinc1116@icloud.com


095 873 5663
US phone- 336 566 3477

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