Bernan’s Home Canned Foods

Hope you’re staying safe and healthy… Bernie and I are staying out of harm’s way. We have been fully vaccinated and always have our masks when leaving our apartment. I guess we have just gotten so used to wearing them, that if we get to our elevator without them, we automatically feel like something is missing.

This month we got a nice supply of tomatillos to make Salsa Verde with. We have 10 jars in stock so if you would like some let me know quick… it won’t last long. Our Salsa Verde is in 500 ml. jars for $4. We also received more Hatch green chilies so we feel more comfortable about advertising them. I really hate it when we have to tell someone that we are out of something.

Because Bernie is staying busy in the kitchen… the pantry is staying full. We have had discussions about going into a full retirement but he is still not ready. He truly loves what he does… from shopping for the items, to cooking them and canning them, and making deliveries, but I believe especially just being out there talking to all of you about his passion. I’m sure that day will be coming but not in the near future…

If you are new to Cuenca or just misplaced or need a new product list… just send me and email and I’ll be happy to send one off to you.
As always, we hope to see you soon!

Bernie and Nancy Hemingway: 096 714 6265.

City: Cuenca

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