Injured dog found January 12th

Found dog

Mixed breed Shepherd, age 3, not neutered and about 50-60 pounds.

This dog was injured in some way and lying in the grass outside the front gate to my apartment. He was very weak and did not want to stand, but was friendly enough to let me touch him. He was causing all the neighbor’s dogs on the block to bark ceaselessly.

I called Dr. Gallardo, who took him to his clinic. Later in the afternoon, after medication and food, the dog was on his feet and in much better condition. He doesn’t appear to be a stray or street dog. He’s well fed, clean, and otherwise appears in good health. He’s very friendly, not timid or aggressive.

This was in the Heroes de Verdeloma and Presidente Borrero neighborhood, a block uphill from Rafael Maria Arizaga and Borrero.

Please contact me if you own or recognize this dog.

Robert Horowitz: 099 576 2345. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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