Recommendation for Christian Knseco, Spanish teacher

My husband and I have been studying Spanish language both as members of small groups and with individual tutors since our arrival in Cuenca five years ago. Our experience, while mostly positive, has varied widely and we would not recommend anyone lightly. We highly recommend our tutor, Christian Knseco, with whom we have been working in our home for the last six months.

Christian is very adept at addressing our different language levels, learning needs, and interests. He is bilingual and able to explain Spanish language rules and usage to beginners as well as offer editorial advice to advanced students. Christian studied literature and writing at the University of Cuenca for five years and has taught Spanish for many years. He is a musician and poet with an intelligent, kind and flexible manner. As a tutor, Christian is able to be directive and encourages growth while being patient and reassuring.

Address: Cuenca, M. Moreno 6-72

Contact information: 099 898 6482

Recommended by Linda Martin:
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