Porto & Gaia…10% our very popular grenache wine, Zino

Grenache…at Porto & Gaia find the Grenache that you’ve been looking for. Unidad Nacional 3-86 y Calle Del Batan or order online at http://www.portoandgaia.com for delivery in Cuenca and all parts of Ecuador.

A late-ripening variety that thrives in hot and dry climates, grenache isn’t as widely known as cabernet sauvignon, merlot or pinot noir. It doesn’t enjoy wide-scale recognition as those superstar varieties because it often is used to produce regional red blends that don’t advertise the name of the grape on their labels.

Grenache contributes concentration and character to some of the richest and ripest red wines made in southern France and Spain. (The versatile grape is also terrific for producing fruity and expressive rosés as well as concentrated and powerful fortified wines.)

Depending on the production methods and the region where the grapes are grown, grenache can produce a wide range of wine styles from medium-bodied and fruity to full-bodied and richly flavorful.

In Spain, where the grape is known as garnacha, it’s one of the most widely planted red wine varieties, contributing to popular wines made in Rioja and Navarra, where it adds fruit and texture to the tempranillo grape. However, it is the rich and spicy reds made in lesser-known regions, such as Carinena, Campo de Borja and Calatayud, which turn up in specialty shops, await as exciting discoveries for wine lovers. (Priorat provides intense and interesting premium examples made with grenache.)

Producers in Sardinia (Italy), recognize the grape as cannonau, where it used to produce blended red wines as well as varietal wines labelled as Cannonau di Sardegna.

If any of this captures your imagination, it’s worth your while to look for grenache-based reds the next time you shop for wine.

Hugh Prather: hitattractions@gmail.com 096 826 3588.

City: Cuenca

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