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When you have pets, you look for the most economical way to provide for them in their various stages of life. If they are babies, they need something nutritional that will help them grow. If they are old and sedentary, they need a totally different diet. And, if they develop illnesses, there are special diets that can address those needs and help them improve. We have stress-reducing toys as well as beds and clothing. Need to transport your friend? We have a variety of carriers that range from ones you can wear to ones for larger creatures and airplane approved carriers, too.

Here at La Mia Mascota Vet and Pet Shop, we offer a variety of brand name, veterinary approved foods for all your pets – including hamsters and birds – at the best prices in Cuenca. We run specials with discounts on various products throughout the year and also may have discounts for purchases in cash or debit card. Just ask our friendly staff in our Las Americas store (Diego speaks English fluently) or in El Vergel or Challuabamba. ‘

We offer complete veterinary services (by appointment), including bathing and grooming, in our veterinary office in Cuenca as well as our Challuabamba location. Your orders can be delivered to your door. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Veterinary Main office Vet: Arrayan y Alamos; Cuenca and CC Plaza Sur Shopping #4 Challuabamba; Pet shops at both locations and at Centro Comercial Plaza Las Americas local #27; El Vergel CC ground floor

Alexandra Montano

098 404 3395 – 099 020 6839 – 408 9255
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