Gigantic Valentine’s pre-order sale – farm direct to any US address

The Rose Guy is offering the lowest price we have ever offered for 12 and 24 long stem roses.

We will deliver 12 long stem roses to any US address with the exception of Hawaii for:

$57.99, Regular price $72.00.

24 Long roses for $69.99,

Regular price, $78.

To order this special, find the main tab at the top of our opening webpage,, “Gifts and Occasions”. Highlight this tab to see the drop down, “Pre-Order Valentines Special”. Make your selection. It’s that simple. No discount code is necessary.

What if you would like a very special offer on 50 long stem roses. Normal price, $105. But if you order before February 28th, you will only pay, $78. A 25% savings. For 50 long stems, go to the tab “Roses”. In the drop down you will see “Fresh Roses”. At checkout use the code “valentines25”.

Note: (the discount code cannot be used in conjunction with orders of 12 or 24 roses).

I am going to encourage you to select Thursday, February, 10th as your delivery date due to the continuing pandemic and capacity constraints with our carriers, FedEx and UPS Global.

No additional fees.

The Rose Guy…
Cuenca Ecuador

Hugh Charles Prather: .

City: Cuenca

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