Education for girls

In Ecuador, every day, 5 girls, aged 14 years, and 136 teenagers, aged 15 to 19 years, are mothers (INEC 2019). This is just one indicator, which suggests that family planning, as well as other health-related issues, are closely related to sex education. These being considerably worrying statistics, since many of these pregnancies happen due to lack of knowledge about girls’ bodies and their sexual health. In Ecuador, many people do not receive adequate sex education, since their guardians did not receive sex education.

For this reason, during the month of January, in Hearts of Gold 55 girls and teenagers beneficiaries will receive workshops on menstrual education, empowerment and emotional education, these workshops have the objective that girls and teenagers know their bodies, and with that also to determine their limits, learn to love themselves and connect with their feminine side.

Camila Moscoso: .

City: Cuenca

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