2022 Benefit Calendar

A calendar with purpose. For us it is very gratifying to present our Calendar Me Cuidas 2022, which we have made with a purely social purpose. Together with @fotografademascotas who helped us to portray some of the furry ones for adoption, we have designed this beautiful calendar with a lot of love for you. In it you can find the shelter dogs for adoption as well as the most important pet dates. 100% of the proceeds will go to the wonderful work they do at @luckybienestaranimal. You can look up our brand at Instagram and Facebook as @mecuidasmascotas.ec

Help us to continue helping, buy your calendar at our different points of sale.

Share this post as well and help us reach more people.

Donation: $5

Orders to 09 7875 0908 or by DM. Shipping to all of Ecuador. Soon you can also buy them with @luckybienestaranimal in Quito

Cuenca: Bolívar 11-51 between Tarqui and General Torres in the lowlands of Casajoana.

Quito: Calle Inglaterra 545 and Vancouver going down the Mariana de Jesús

Paula Crespo: 097 875 0908.

City: Cuenca

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