Recommendation for Adrián Puli Gustavo, driver, all-around helper

I recommend Adrián Puli Gustavo as an experienced, bilingual driver. HIs van seats seven passengers. Based in Cuenca, he can tell you what you wish to know about Cuenca and other locations. As a new expat, I was surprised that a driver had so much knowledge. He found parts for my gas heater when gas tank deliverers said that parts didn’t exist. Adrián designs and builds furniture. Over time, he continued to help me. He fixed my hot water heater, hung my pictures, adjusted locks, showed me how my electronics worked.

He has recommended professionals that I wanted to consult. A medical doctor came to my house and examined me for my recurring hyper ventilation. He determined that I was anemic. I have since built up my health through better diet. Adrian introduced to an MD who is an acupuncturist, thereby reinforcing my knowledge about eastern medicine as well as homeopathic. I was a credentialed massage therapist. I studied eastern and western massage.
I am an artist and painter.

Address: Cuenca based.

Contact information: 098 317 4172

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

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